Monday, March 5, 2012


Lennon hates Spirit Week at her school. But of all the days she despises, it turns out Nerd Day is at the top of her list of Days That Should Be Nevermore.

I asked her to get ready this morning, and reminded her that it was Nerd Day, so if she wanted to, she could wear one of Harrison's button-up plaid shirts, and a pair of his church pants.

She went into his room, and came out a minute later crying.

"Mom, I HATE Nerd Day. It makes me feel like I'm making fun of someone."

My sweet, sweet Lennon.

So I explained that most Nerds nowadays are pretty darn proud of their nerdiness. Some of them would even walk in a parade to declare it, if that opportunity ever arose.


But she wasn't buying that for a dollar. She said that it felt like she would be making fun of someone, just for being smart.

And I saw her point. Nerd Day is a little bit about mocking the set who chooses academics over fashion. You see a lot of kids, who would otherwise never wear such a thing, with white shirts, highwater pants, and pocket protectors, and, Lennon's least favorite part of Nerd Day... the fake glasses. We had this issue a couple of years ago, and decided to make amendments by adding white tape to her own glasses. It, apparently, was not enough.

So I explained my own definition of a Nerd. A Nerd, I stated, is someone who loves something so much, they learn everything they can about it. He or she might devote a major part of their life to the pursuit of more knowledge on that topic. The things a Nerd loves most become more important to him or her than Being Like Everyone Else, and so, a Nerd distinguishes him or herself from the rest of the pack. A Nerd is just someone who likes something with passion.

I told Lennon there were different types of Nerds. I explained that my favorite type of Nerd is the Star Wars nerd. I'm not a Star Wars Nerd, by any means. I have no idea how many crystals are necessary to properly focus the plasma through the hilt of a lightsaber, or how to do a decent impression of a Wookie, but I admire those who do know those things.

So I asked what kind of Nerd she'd like to be, and we could make an outfit that Honored that kind of Nerd, instead of making fun.

She asked if I had any shirts with Star Wars. I did have one, so I fished it out of the back of my closet. She also wanted to wear some of my socks, so I gave her a pair of argyle ones that, oh my goodness, so sad, FIT her (She's getting so old.) And she searched for her Converse and asked me to do her hair however I want (I went for a modified Princess Leia thing). Then she said she'd make sure everyone knew that she wasn't "making fun" of someone who likes Star Wars. She said, if anyone asked, she would tell them, "I'm going as my Mom for Nerd Day."

Aw shucks, Lennon. I'm honored.


The Wizzle said...

Oh, how lovely. The tenderhearted kids are my favorite kind.

Katy said...

she's so sweet :)

monika said...

love the back story

Anonymous said...

Please send detailed instructions on how to raise a Lennon.

Anonymous said...

Please send detailed instructions on how to raise a Lennon.

Kristin said...

She is such a sweet and tender girl, and I love this picture of her!