Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Picture Dump

So we're going to go ahead and do another one of these.  Yes we will.

This here is the only picture I could get for 50's Day.  The best part is that you can't see a darn thing in it, and it only seems to highlight how un-50's the shirt looks.  Yup.  For those who care, she's wearing jeans rolled up a couple of times, and some mary janes, and that's a scarf in her hair holding up the high ponytail.  And she's not wearing her glasses because I forgot them that day, and had to run them all the way back to school (like a vampire...for you, Martins).

Nerd Day.  
The tape around the glasses was our way of reconciling the existent nerdiness of wearing horn-rimmed glasses on a daily basis.  I bribed her to wear a sweater.  I think with a cookie...

What can I tell you?  It worked.  It should also be noted that these clothes came directly out of her brother's drawer, and yes, I have big plans to pair the plaid with the argyle again, probably this Sunday for church.

Crazy Hair Day.  She put mismatched clips in her hair.  CRAZY. Watch out, the craziness might be catching.  She has clips, where clips need not be!  And they don't match!  AAAAHHHHHH!  (She was so not in the mood to do Spirit Week after the Animal Doctor Incident.  Have I shared the Animal Doctor incident?  Let's save that for another day...)

Too many pictures of sister.  BO-ring.

Lennon is kind of, sort of in cheerleading.  I don't mean that to read as though we are embarrassed by this fact.  No, read it more like, she's been to practice about 10% of the time, and only 1 out of 5 games.  And even when she does show up, she mostly just stands around and every so often kicks a leg in the air.  Whatever, she's the cutest.
Although Harrison may choose to challenge that claim.  Because seriously?  The cutest.

Except now Lennon counters with the big guns.  This was Lennon on school picture day.  Or Depression Era Day.  You choose.  CUTEST!
And that concludes this session of Picture Dump.  


Renee said...

Bonus: Note band-aid on knee on last picture. It makes me want to cuss, it's so cute.

Scarlet said...

I absolutely love the shirt she is wearing on Crazy hair day. back in the 80's they used to have mousse for your hair that clored it like pink or whatever until you washed it out and I so loved it because it actually did wash out unlike the time my mom put red hair dye in my hair that was supposed to wash out in 3 washes for a peg bundy costume. my hair was still red a year later. but if they still had that mousse that would really make for fun on a crazy hair day.

witticism here said...


Kristin said...

Both of your kiddos are so dang adorable! That picture of Harrison on the bed makes him look about 4 yrs old! Lennon rocked the spirit week, I do believe!

monika said...

cute, cute and more cute!

Michelle said...

awww! i loved spirit week in elementary school! Unfortunately I was never creative enough to go all out...

Note to self: force, no.... PERSUADE future children to get really into those weeks. they will thank me for it later, probably.