Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hey you guys, seriously, Rebecca Black lives inside my mind now. No kidding, she is setting up IKEA furniture right by the parietal lobe, as I write this now. She's thinking of sewing some purple curtains and installing a mini-bar. Duh, for cereal, guys. She's like, 12.

Harrison found it on our TiVo. And it's just one button to press to get it started. So of course, he's been playing it NON-STOP all weekend.

It's been impossible to resist, however, as we end up with a whole lot of This:

Yeah, that's a video of my little Harri, mumble-singing along to Miss Black's internet sensation. Don't let him fool you though. Even though he claims to be "Done" there were at least sixteen more plays in him that morning.

It's making Eric and me crazy. And even though we got out of the house for a little while, that song followed us throughout the day today. Mostly because of me, singing it. But I was not alone. Eric would hum the bass line. Harri would shout "YEAH!" randomly. And Lennon and I really liked doing the nasal-voice "Friday" part, when we feel it has been too long (28 seconds) in between hearing it and not hearing it.

As a result, our minds are accepting Crap in all forms. No more filters. We're just letting it all get by.

For example, when we got home this evening, we spent a good twenty minutes watching an informercial for the AbDoer, and just about peeing our pants in giggle fits. First there were the different Nationalities, promoting it.

"My name is Olga Ghakcajzdhf, from Russia, and I love to use the AbDoer to win heart of American husband."

"My name is Harford Worthington III, from the U.K., and I use the AbDoer at Oxford University, because I'm highly intelligent and British."

"My name is Ingrid Bloom, from Austrailia, and I use the AbDoer when I'm watching Dingos eat my baby."

Eric cracked up when he saw a couple's wedding picture, and she looked like her dress was eating her head (but I didn't get the chance to laugh with him, because right after, the guy talked about how she died of cancer and he was using the AbDoer to help him get over Eating His Feelings. So, so wrong to laugh at that point.... I guess....) (Listen, it's not like ANY of this is real. It's an infomercial. I'm pretty sure wedding picture lady is hanging out in Malibu, completely unaware her picture is on TV at all. .... Which is what I told myself so I could remove the sting of feeling weepy during an informercial for something that looks like fidgeting in a seat.)

But we really lost it when the fat guy is sitting in his living room, explaining that he just lost 55 pounds, and he's still going, and then, like out of nowhere, HE comes in the door, twenty pounds skinnier, and he yells at himself, "55 Pounds?? GET OUT OF HERE! I never wanna see you again!" and then, no joke, HE DANCES A JIG. It was all too much.

We figured it was time to invite some friends over, in case this was perhaps the first signs of cabin fever, or whatever you call it when demons inhabit your psyche.

So Eric types out a text message to our friends Sarah and Jared, and instead of the intended "Interested in taking an ice cream break?" autocorrect types out "Interested in taking an had dream freak" and Eric and I LAUGHED. Oh man, how we laughed. I can't even type that out without laughing some more.

We gave up. Rebecca Black, you are invited to our house ANY TIME.


Anonymous said...

I am on principle not listening to that Friday song. I've seen it all over on facebook, but I'm staying away. Mostly because I don't usually like things until they aren't cool anymore.

jessica said...

Agh! Her song drives me nutso! (it's the nasal voice)

Anonymous said...

That's it, Renee. I can that meeting us made you even funnier than you were before. Tell Harri I love him.

Cath said...

Watch Pure Country 2. Now.

Katy said...

OMG Harri is like a full on little boy now. Also, I love auto correct