Monday, March 28, 2011

So Can't Watch Gone With The Wind Ever Again

We put Harrison in soccer this spring, per recommendation of therapists, parenting websites, and every cheesy 80's cliches of the nuclear family. He's only gone to three practices so far, but he is doing really well. I think it helps that he's on a team with his two "best bests" and that he's known his coach since he was a least a foot shorter, but I mostly credit the fact that he's a born soccer star. He's so good at soccer, he innately calls it Football. Alright, fine, he's not that good. But he has fun. And it's really helped his social skills blossom past Hermit-like, and safely into Adorably Shy.

Lennon has noticed the fun he has going to practice and getting stuff bought for him, and she wants in on it. To be fair to Eric and myself, by the age of 3 Lennon had already taken swim classes and gymnastics, so it's not like we've neglected her.

I do feel, however, that putting your kids "in" stuff is kind of a big deal. Like, if you think there's any chance your kid will want to be a cheerleader in high school, you need to get her started on dance and tumbling ASAP, because otherwise, there is just no way your kid will make the team in these competitive times. Same goes for football, concert piano, ballet, and (probably) ventriloquism. If she wants to just spend her high schools nights at a punk show, and make all her high school friends by telling dirty jokes in the back of the classroom, well then I guess you'll be alright not emphasizing this "Well-Rounded" stuff. Just don't be surprised when grows up to wish she could put "Blogging" on a resume, is all I'm saying.

And having seen what debauchery occurs at a punk show, we decided to find something for Len to get excited about, right away. We considered ballet, but couldn't find a decent instructor close to where we lived (a lot of Glam Up Your Living Doll Dance Schools, which is good for some, but Lennon is likely going to be blessed with my flat butt and chest, and I fear those lessons will only lead her to later disappointment. It'd be like putting a Kitten in Dog lessons.) Swim was met with only slight enthusiasm, and felt more like a Need than a Want. Then, Fate smiled, and I got a Groupon in my inbox for Horse Riding Lessons, not even 10 minutes from our home.

Say what you will about girls who grow up loving Horses (no, seriously, I bet you have funny stories about someone you know...), but I think Horse Riding would just about put my kid over the moon. She has always loved horses, and I know they could teach her a lot about patience, caring for animals, balance, and stamina. And the lessons were dirt cheap. Like, so cheap, I'm afraid we'll get there and they'll just point us in the direction of the carousel and be like, "Ride 'til you drop, kid," in a surly voice.

I'm excited for her to get started. I'm excited to see where this takes her. I'm excited that I get to look forward to seats at the World Cup and the Kentucky Derby. Mostly, I'm just excited my kids will have something to talk about other than what happened on Spongebob.

I'll be sure to post pictures from her first ride, which I'm sure she'll cherish, no matter where it goes from there. And, anyway, if these lessons aren't everything she thought they'd be, I guess I can always teach her some really good dirty jokes.


The Wizzle said...

I feel the same way about "activities". So much pressure! Besides, I feel like I can really only have each kid in one activity at a time, or there just aren't enough hours in the day. I don't like to be all go-go-go all the time with kids. They move slow. It's a recipe for failure.

And can I get an AMEN on the glittery/zebra.rhinestone/spangled dance studios? Sheesh, what is it with dance people? I danced forever and it was so not like that then. Horseback riding sounds AWESOME and completely perfect. I loved riding horses as a kid (still do!)

Anonymous said...

Actually, some of my favorite dirty jokes involve horses...