Monday, January 31, 2011


Who are we bloggers, if not promoters of stuff we want to succeed? In other words, if you're allowed to talk about soap, I'm allowed to share the Band of the FUTURE

Yes, the bass player is my brother. Yes, I'm biased in this sense. But I dare you to tell me these guys don't strike a nerve.

Plus, if they get famous, and show up on Jimmy Kimmel, I might be one step closer to letting Jimmy know he's the love of my life, if Eric and Ewan McGregor and Sawyer from Lost all die in a car crash together or something.

If you liked what you heard, click.


teamBoo said...

I like.

p.s. Your brother is hot.

p.p.s. I mean that in the most married way possible.

Monika said...

Sawyer is my boyfriend ;)

Anonymous said...

I listened. I liked. I clicked.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Renee. I don't know much about music but they seem crazy good, and they have a sweet video. Maybe I should try to meet him when I go to Phoenix instead of meeting you?

Cath said...

They are good. I really liked them. I will have to purchase.