Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Day At A Time

I'm about to admit something that is so, so shameful. So shameful. So so so.... You get the point. I'm shamed.

Harrison is addicted to Coca-Cola.

And I'm not saying this like, "He really likes the stuff." I'm saying this like, "The boy gets withdrawals and freaks out when he sees it." I'm not even going to make a funny exaggeration here comparing him to the guys in Trainspotting, because it's too close to reality.

It started out with just a small sip of my Coke. He would make a cute face, and we'd laugh, and I'd give him more to see the face again. Don't tell me you don't know the cute face toddlers make when you give them a straw. I won't believe you.

Then he'd cry for a sip, and because I'd usually have a Coke when I was trying to eat, I'd give in, because then he'd go back to his plate and I could get back to my sandwich. That sounds terrible when I admit it. But it's the truth.

Then I started giving him what was left of mine. And then, about a month ago, I poured him his own cup. Don't look at me. Just don't even look at me.

So now? Harrison will search the kitchen for cans of Coke, and come up to me when he finds one with the most pathetic little "PEEEEASE" and I promise you, I never, ever give in to giving him his own full can, but I think he's actually gotten to the point where he may need a serious detox from the stuff, because he is RELENTLESS.

I don't feel right about hiding the Cokes from him. Hiding Coke reminds me of my dad hiding cigarettes. When we'd find them, he'd look at us sadly, and then put them in his pocket and walk outside without saying a word. It's something I don't want to continue. So I am going to quit Cold Turkey for the sake of my kids' health.

No more Coke. And if that means Pa has to come over and lock himself in the cabin with me while I vomit eggs (Little House on the Prairie reference... such a good one), then so be it. A 3-year-old boy should not be addicted to anything. For that matter, neither should a 30-year-old woman.

Wish us luck. And if you have suggestions on how to kick a habit, or know directions to a church basement that has CCA (Coca-Cola Anonymous) Meetings, leave them here.


Taylor K said...

dude. I am not judging. but you both have to stop drinking it. it's so nasty for your tum tum. and teeth.

and that little house on the prairie episode is one of my faves.

Becky said...

Well you could write when you feel the urge. I want to read your book when you write it because it will be insightful, witty, and amazing! I have been on and off on this journey with diet coke. I am going to join you in this quest -- as of today no more!

Melissa K. said...

De-lurking with a suggestion: you might want to stock in a six-pack of Caffiene Free Coke and give him a few tiny glasses as he goes through the detox. I know I've tried to come down off my Caffiene Addiction several times, and cold turkey is just too hard. Caffiene free, then sugar free - or switch to root beer or something and gradually taper that off. I don't envy you your task - be brave! And please keep posting, of course. :)

monika said...

oh no, he is your father's grandson. dont forget to give me his coke rewards codes? ;)

Anonymous said...

What do I do? What do I do? My son is in the takes-a-sip-and-looks-cute stage already!!

Heath said...

I almost lost it (from laughing) and spewed Jamba Juice out of my nose when you inadvertently compared your kid to "the guys in Trainspotting." I'm also addicted to Coca-Cola really bad. I have no answers on how to help you, because there are none.