Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In which you think I'm going to complain, but really I don't at all

Things are not awesome right now. Pretty far from. But we're coping, and I have an amazing husband who makes life so much easier.

I took a week off from Blind School. I was suffocating from Mommy Guilt, and I needed to put my kids first. It's only Tuesday, and I already see a difference in the way they are behaving. Lennon told me this morning that I could drop her off at the flagpole, which is about 200 feet away from where she normally asks me to drop her off. We both agreed that this meant she was practically a teenager. She didn't cry, and she didn't come back six times to tell me how lonely she was going to be at school. Okay, so that? was kind of awesome.

There's more awesome than that, I suppose. Harrison used to be too shy to do anything with his hands when there was anyone else around. No, seriously. He wouldn't use his hands. For ANYTHING. Beyond his voice, his hands were, seemingly, the most vulnerable part of his body, and he refused to let anyone know they existed. Some sort of defense mechanism built up to ward off any of the inevitable hand mockery that usually goes on around these parts (??). And yet, last Friday, he and his friend were doing the hand movements for the Monkey/Crocodile/Does It Have A Real Name? Song. It was amazing. The next day, I followed his lead and taught him four new sign language words. Today, he says the word as he signs it. I'm pretty sure the speech therapist is going to do a back flip, right there in my living room. I plan on clearing a space for it.

So, once again, I start writing a blog post, all ready to complain about how sucky things are, and I end it with the realization that things are not so bad after all, and they may even be teetering on "looking up."

So I stink at writing. Which is not awesome.... So, I still win.


Kristin said...

That's awesome Harrison news! I seriously want to baste him in butter and roast him until golden brown and delicious.

witticism here said...

Yay! You're back. Now I want pictures of your adorable urchins.

Anonymous said...

So happy for Harrison!