Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Should Have Just Sent This Blog Post By Telewaves... But Facebook is Just As Good

So I posted this on Facebook and then realized it should have been a blog post, but I can't take it back, so I'm doing the next best (worst) thing, and just reposting it here on my blog:

Renee Brunner VanAusdal After Harrison's speech therapy appointment today, I'm not entirely convinced the kid isn't telepathic. And I'm only being half-snarky.

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    • Katy Salata DeJong why what happened! details!
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    • Renee Brunner VanAusdal
      He doesn't say a word, or even make a sound, and he just looks at me and the speech therapist with this weird look in his eyes that changes the ways eyes change in conversation. Seriously, it's like he's talking without moving his mouth or making a sound. And he understands everything we say. So if she asks him, "So do you like Batman or Spiderman more?" He answers without moving his mouth, and without pointing, but both of us completely understand that he likes Batman more. It's creepy times ten, divided by 2.
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    • Renee Brunner VanAusdal Also, whenever I think, "Harrison might be telepathic" I get this childlike voice in my head that almost immediately says, "No he's not" followed by "These are not the droids you're looking for." ;)
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diane said...

a.) I believe you when you say he's telepathic
b.) Stay off Facebook. It kills blogs.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like Harrison can be freakishly telepathic at times, but you may want to practice your mind-reading, so that you are not misinterpreting those telepathic messages...:-)