Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Good

Cars. BAH. Who needs 'em, right?

It's figured out. It's fine. Life continues.

I've been focusing on the good things. Let's continue with that.

The Good Things:

* Sandwiches. I love sandwiches. I make a sandwich with a french loaf, sharp american cheese, red onion, avocado, and barbeque potato chips (Cosby-style) at least once a week. It's not healthy, exactly, but it costs me about $3, and it's filling. When I can't get my hands on a French Arab (American, Red, Avocado, Barbeque, remember) (and yes, I just made that name up JUST NOW, and no, I'll probably never say it again), I make a peanut butter and strawberry jam on wheat, and I'm happy. You'd think a woman who claims to love sandwiches would have more thrilling things to say about them. You'd be wrong.

* Harrison, throwing his arms open and running at me for a hug. The boy still doesn't say a word, but he gives hugs like he means it.

* My nephew, getting out of surgery, and wanting to pick up where he left off. I had been making myself sick worrying about how that little guy would recoup, but by all reports, he's doing well, and back to tackling his brothers. I love him. So, so much. And I'm grateful to marry into a family who takes such good care of each other.

* Modern Psychology, for showing me that my mixed-up brain is not a fluke. It just takes some training to know how to use it for good instead of evil.

* Writing scenes for a sitcom in my head, even though our husbands think it's dumb.


witticism here said...

I am such a slut for a good sandwhich. I have no idea why those things make my life better. You should try Firehouse subs at Dana Park.

eric said...

Hold up. I don't think it's dumb.

diane said...

I have fallen in love with grilled turkey and provolone sandwiches on Sarah Lee's honey wheat (I pick honey wheat to delude myself into thinking I eat healthy, even though it's not whole wheat). I try to make my family eat them way too often.
I told Joe we are going to report night next month. He said he's not coming unless you promise to grade his report and he wants an A.

amber and alma said...

Fresh mozzarella and basil grilled between 2 pieces of Tuscan Pane-- add a bowl of roasted red pepper & tomato soup and you have found lunch heaven. This meal is one of the few reasons I go to Trader Joes once a month- it has all the necessary parts. Oh food, how I love thee.
And I see your sitcom scenes, and raise you music videos. But maybe I create them in my mind b/c I don't have cable.

monika said...

very nice to hear about the good things happening there.

Anonymous said...


(Am I doing it right?)

Anonymous said...