Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What taking Dayquil does to the blogger's mind.

Leaving a blog without an updated post is a dumb thing to do. Not because I might lose readers (I love you all, but I'm not your dancing monkey, and I think you get that, and are pretty good about giving me some slack. I thank you for giving this monkey wiggle room, without which, dancing would not be possible. What did I just say? It doesn't matter. Interpretive Dancing Monkey, at your (temporary) service).

No, leaving an un-updated blog is dumb because when someone new stops by, that's what they judge you on. The thing you wrote two weeks ago. The things that may or may not still apply. The thing you've stopped thinking about for at least a few days, even though it may have seemed important at the time.

You probably don't care that I care what you think of me the first time you stumble across my blog. You want to see blood and gore, or hilariouskidstories, or whatever else you go on blogs for. This is probably the absolute LAST thing you want. A blog post about blogging, and how I'm all self-conscious right now about what the world sees when it take 50 seconds to look at the snapshot I have on cobwebbed display.

Oh man, I've screwed myself. I probably shouldn't post this at all. This is the absolute worst post, and I absolutely KNOW it's going to stay up at the top for a while.

Whatever. I'm leaving it anyway. Because sometimes the reason people like to watch monkeys dance is to see them screw it up. No? That's just me? Well, good for dancing monkeys then.


mrsmouthy said...

Dance, little monkey, dance.

diane said...

I only come on your blog to see when you'll get diarrhea of the mouth.