Friday, February 12, 2010

Le sigh

Eric took the car in to be checked out. They said nothing was wrong. The other night it was shaking like a crying baby when Eric would go above 50mph, but car repairmen say no. Nothing. All is well. We haven't paid our tithing, so I know this isn't one of those God Interventions, which leads me to believe Eric will probably be driving home from work one day and the whole frame of the car will just fall off in one big piece.

Or maybe the thing is just getting old and we'll have to drive around in a squeaky rattling car for another year, but that we really did dodge a bullet. I could live with that.


I just think I should mention some of the things I am loving about today.

* New neighbor dropped in to say hello. She said my house was cute. I love her, even if she is a liar.

* I'm really into Oatmeal lately. I can't get enough of it. It's like a pregnancy craving without the pregnancy. I have Tim to thank, because he made oatmeal cookies (with a Hawaiian twist) for the Lost season premiere, and they were UNREAL. I've been really into oatmeal since. This morning, Harrison and I ate five bowls of it, between the two of us. Delicious.

* The weather is beautiful.

* I have another Report Night tonight. Attendance ebbs and flows, but even if it were just me and Eric, sharing our reports over dinner, I'd still love it. Having something I look forward to every month gives me purpose, and makes me feel like I haven't totally dropped out of society. It's also fun to learn everything there is to know about Tetris and the island of Guernsey.

* I love my friends. I love that I can go to their houses just to watch television and let our kids run around acting like goons, and walk out of there feeling renewed and genuinely happy.

* I love that Amber wrote "Balls" in my comments, and it was exactly the right thing to say.


So maybe, really, nothing is wrong.


monika said...

hey maybe the car thing is your tires. Dont cars shake at high speeds when tires are bad?

diane said...

Monika is brilliant.
And you are now probably the most regular person I know. I think you should get the recipe from Tim and post it on here so we can all become oatmeal addicts also. It's probably a better addiction for me then brownies by the panful.

Kristin said...

Diane - beware of what you ask for - these cookies are super duper delicious and the batter is even better! It is basically an oatmeal cookie recipe that also has coconut, coconut extract, and butterscotch chips. YUM.