Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fake Band Names that Make Me Laugh

Eric has been in a lot of bands.  This makes him highly attractive to me, because I'm a total groupie at heart.  Except I want to clarify, I don't have any of the VDs.  

Today I was thinking about some of his musical endeavors over the years, and how many bands he has been a part of, and which of those bands had the best name.  I'm a sucker for band names.  

I like the name of his solo work "band" The Alternate 85's, because I like Back to the Future references, and it fits the purpose, which is, that it's a way to share all the alternate music he creates.  (Alternate, not alternative.  I used the right word.)   I also like The Heroin Mary's, which he formed with some other guys on MacJams, for the purpose of writing songs about the show LOST (NERD ALERT!!!).  Except that I think this is also the band name for someone who has played at RamFest 2008, whatever that is (NERDIER ALERT!!!).  

So it got me thinking.  What would you name a band?  

And because I'm not totally lame, and I give as much as I receive, my solo band name would be Spaghettification.  Or maybe I stole Lennon's band name.  I guess you'll never know.  (It's Lennon's)

By the way, I love fake band names, and so I will list a few of my favorites:

Left Turn Arrow (fake emo band, created by someone I don't know.  But someone I do know directed a video for the guy, and this still makes me chuckle, so I love talking about it)

Botany for Boys (Eric will have to remind me why he came up with this fake name.  I think it was supposed to be his band name if he were doing 80's pop, but I can't be sure)

Hooray for Yourself (this was my brother's, and it's not even a band name, I don't think, but it should be.  I love it so much, I wish it were my idea)  

Cronus' Fury (my death metal band.  Alternate name:  Kronus' Fury, with an umlaut over the 'u's)  

1/2 Eyes (my weepy, black sweater, oversized horn-rimmed glasses, songs about mythology and blonde girls band,  We do a lot of ironic Christmas songs)

And maybe Jason can help me remember the name of our fake boy band.  The one where we made the Mystery Meat video?  Was it The Lunchline Boys?  If it's not, it should have been.  

Okay, your turn.  Give me some band names.  They don't have to be this awesome, but you should at least TRY.  


Scarlet said...

I would go with Flaming Boobs. Because lets face it Sex sells. So anything with boobs in the title should totally skyrocket me to instant popularity. the Flaming part is just to make it see, edgier.

The Wizzle said...

David and I came up with Spastic Monkey one day long ago. I don't really see a place for myself in such a band, but I thought it sounded pretty cool.

Eric said...

Spaghettification is totally rocking. As some fathers push for their kids to be doctors or athletes, I'm going to push Lennon to start Spaghettification. It will be her physics-themed rock band with songs about escape velocity.

Renee said...

Flaming Boobs is an excellent name. I'd love to see THAT concert poster.

Spastic Monkey would, I imagine, need a good auto-harpist, so I think there's hope for you yet.

Eric, can we punish her for NOT forming this band? "You're grounded until you can create the sound of Black Hole rock." Is that maybe a little too Phil Spectorish of us?

Ern said...

Did you watch the Parks and Recreation season finale? The nurse's deadbeat boyfriend lists all of the names of his band, one of them being, Just The Tip. It's amazing.

I'm diggin' the Kronus' Fury... funny how I never knew how to spell umlaut, and I got all the way up to German 4 when I was in high school...

Jason Centers said...

Arrgh! It's killing me that I can't remember the name of our fake boyband! Maybe I need repressed memory therapy.

Renee said...

That was a memory worth repressing, for sure, Jason. You didn't have to be IN the video did you? Terrible.

Jason Centers said...

Boo! I still can't think of it. I suppose that if we were as clever then as we are now it would have been something with "boy" in the name. Maybe something like BoyFun or The Blond Streak Boys or BoyJam or Boys 'n' Berries or Boy2Boy. I suppose it could have been a play on 'N Sync. Maybe 'N Sects?

Ern said...

Watched the finale. The bands were Teddy Bear Suicide, MouseRat, God Hates Figs, Dept of Homeland Obscurity, Muscle Confusion, Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Everything Rhymes With Orange, Just The Tip, Three Skin, Scarecrow Boat, Flames for Flames, PunchFace Champions, Handrail Suicide, Angel Snack, Jet Black Pope, Rad Wagon. You're welcome.

Luann said...

I think it would be fun to have an 80s band with some cool 80s adjectives. I like Rad Wagon. So maybe Tubular Scooters? As a side note, There's a video at the end of this blog post: www.cardiganempire.com/2009/08/childrens-fashion-missing-children.html I totally thought this could be Lennon. Until the girl started feeling herself up. But awesome dancing for a kid that size.

Anonymous said...

Ska's the Limit?

Jack said...

David Letterman once had a set of dice with random words he used to create rock band names. My favorite? The Screaming Stomach Monkeys.

Renee said...

Erin, that was easily the most well-researched comment I have ever read.

Luann, anything with scooters gets my vote. Too bad my vote is worth nothing.

Mouthy, you're such a nerd.

Jack, thanks for pointing out just how unoriginal my thought processes are. Also thank you for Screaming Stomach Monkeys

holly pearl said...

playing text twist yeilds
great band name results sometimes. my current favorite is
the eon lickers.