Monday, August 31, 2009

Not the kind of green that helps the earth not die

So there are currently two people who need some attention.  As I've joked to both of them (yes, I reuse the same joke, and yes, I'm about to do it again) I feel it may be therapeutic to help them out, because the jealousy?  It burns.  And I like to counteract burning sensations, as often as possible.  So I want you to help some sisters out (and relieve some burning), by paying attention to the needs of these two fine individuals.  

First, and most pressing, is Carolyn at TeamBoo.  She is up for a mommy blogger of the year award, which means street cred, and a bag of swag.  Two things every mommy loves.  She's very funny, and also mind-blowingly adorable, and if you want to start reading the blog of someone who you don't know, but wish you knew, she comes highly recommended.  Even though I think we were in the same ward for a whole year (maybe even two different wards) and we totally ignored each other (not hard to do, when I don't go), I think we'd get along.   

POINT IS, she needs some votes.  And I think you have them.  So I'm sending you over there, so she will win, and then Karma will recognize that I am awesome too, and I will win Mommy Blogger of the decade.  Visit her blog at and then click on the banner to the right which will take you to the site where you can vote.  Voting ends today.

Second, and maybe the most burny, is Rebecca Martin.  Becca started writing a book, and now she's trying to get it published.  In order to do so, she needs some traffic on her blog about publishing her book.  Commenters, regular traffic, google searching her blog, etc. will all help. And see, here I thought that all I had to do was make a The Secret vision board with a picture of my face pasted over Stephanie Meyers' and J.K. Rowlings'.  Turns out you have to actually WRITE something, and then PROMOTE it.  The internet teaches me more and more every day.  
Okay, I've done my part.  Let us never speak of other people again.  


The Wizzle said...

I think I would totally be friends with that Carolyn person too. She has all the same stuff I like on her blog! Holy crap! This means one of two things:

1. Either there are more awesome people with fabulous taste (just like me) in the world than I thought, or

2. I am just a boring, average housewife who thinks she's hip and marching to her own beat, but really is smack in the middle of the biggest monolith demographic since the baby boomers.

Great. Now I'm depressed. Better go work out so at least I can say I did something worthwhile today.

Carolyn said...

I totally got spanked in that contest, but i appreciate all your efforts to promote my resoundingly average parenting, and apparently above average photo editing abilities. Thank you friend!! you're too kind.

When were we in the same ward?!? If it was Ashley Heights you didn't miss much, that was before i was medicated ;)

This burning you feel...does it involve wearing my skin?

Renee said...

It puts the lotion in the basket, or so I'm told. (Wow, this just got disturbing, really, really, quickly didn't it?)

We lived over in some apartments near Dana Park when we were first married, and I swear every time I see your husband's picture, I think he must have been in that ward. I can't remember the name of it anymore though, or why I see your husband there. I also think that he reminds me of a guy I know who changed his last name from Dike to Turnbull. Not sure why that's relevant but it feels so.

Carolyn said...'s possible. but it would have been way, i can't even remember the building back. I would have been pregnant and short haired blond.

My husband's brother's wife made him change his last name before they got married...he's a total wiener.

Also... do you want me to have you write about something specific on my blog or do you have something in mind? I kind of love your randomness so i think you should run free....but also in some way "selling yourself" (Not in the way wives threaten husbands in this economy...but introducing yourself so peeps aren't confused.)

here's my email in case you don't already have it: