Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What to do, what to do

I can only hope that when I decide to talk about my loss of vision, that it doesn't come across as whiny or "woe is me"ish.  That's really not the point of talking about it here on my blog.  The point is that you all feel sorry for me and buy me stuff.  

(Like the collection of Beatles albums coming out on September 9.  The gift of music, for a blind person?  Geez, could it get any more appropriate?)

(I'm half-kidding.  I promise.)  

Lately I'm trying to decide how to handle the "going" part of "going blind."  Do I take this time to "get used to" blindness?  I could be learning braille, or getting orientation training, or something else that will benefit me in the future (I was totally just about to use the 'piano lessons' joke again.  Wow, I need a new schtick).  OR, I could take this time as a "last hurrah" or sorts, and use the hell out of my eyes by going to movies, visiting museums, running obstacle courses, etc.  

Or, I could just spend all day online.  

It's really a toss up.  


Katy said...

Question: Does the "going" process of "going blind" mean that things just get even fuzzier than they are, or that things are going black?

Renee said...

Good question Katy. Basically for the RP, the hole through which I am looking through (think of it like a toilet paper tube) is getting smaller and smaller until I am past straw, past pinhole, just looking at nothing. However, I've got something else going on though, where the cornea is getting thinner. So that's just making everything fuzzier. It's a race to see which one effs me up first.

Sarah Beau Bera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
big sis said...

I say do both. See the heck out of those eyes of yours AND prepare for the future. your welcome for this brilliant advice, that is what big sisters are for. ; )

Aewryq said...

Sarah, your comment cracked me up. You did NOT have to delete that.

Thanks Big Sis. I guess I could try that out... AFTER the wallowing.

Renee said...

Duh, that was Renee, not Aewryq. Geez, I'm like the most unprofessional person ever. Especially considering this isn't even a proper profession,

The Wizzle said...

Well, at least you now have a career path basically guaranteed - with the right mix of self-deprecation, inspirational optimism, and woe-is-me, going blind (or insert your life-changing sympathy-generator here) is really every mommy blogger's dream come true! You can't make it to the big time without some major health problems to weight down all the fluff.

No, seriously, my vote goes to use 'em while you got 'em. Or part of 'em. Whatever you got, enjoy it while you can. You can wallow now *and* later.

diane said...

Why bother learning braille now? You're gonna be forced to learn it later, so I say* wait till the last minute.

*consider the source. i have procrastination down to a talent. oh, and i can also add self-loathing tips if you need them.