Sunday, August 16, 2009


Being afraid the balloon will pop, no matter how gently I hold it = Renee, for the past couple of months, maybe even the past year, maybe even her whole life.

It's time to open my eyes.  It's time to see what happens when I Enjoy.  It's time to not be afraid of a little noise.  

Sometimes balloons pop.  That's no reason not to have a party.  


The Wizzle said...

Is it too soon for us to be having a midlife crisis?

Renee said...

I hereby deem it never too early nor too late, as long as it doesn't involve young blondes and sports cars. (Well, maybe sports cars).

Besides I don't think this is like, my quarter-life crisis. It's just an awakening. In a non stupid-movie-calling-Awakenings kind of way.

monika said...

very nice.

diane said...

Sometimes I wish blogger had a little "thumbs-up" link I could click like on FB, that would let you know you said it all and I like it.

Kristin said...

Does this mean you're ready to watch scary movies with me?