Saturday, August 15, 2009

Internet scream:  


Okay, that wasn't even a little bit helpful.  

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Better.  Especially after I used appropriate punctuation.  

You guys, I am having an Off month.  I don't know what it is, but I can't seem to shake this yuckiness.  My life is pretty much the best it's ever been, and I'm like a total Mope Monster.  (RAw....  meh, what's the use?)  (<---SEE!!!!!)

Oh my gosh, and I KNOW you guys don't want to hear about it.  This blog has been depressing enough as it is.  

I need to find joy.  I'm on a quest. 

The remaining days of August '09?  You've been notified.  


The Wizzle said...

I feel like this. A lot. I wish I knew a solution for you.

I did do something recently that was fun, but it's not for everyone. I got a piercing! But now it's been a little while and I need another one, or something else to fill the void.

Anyway, we should get together and see what mischief we can cook up!

monika said...

i need some of the same.

Scarlet said...

I feel the same way most of the time. And I really annoy myself when I let minute things really effect me. Like some one parking stupidly and I can't get over it for days. I need an attitude adjustment but not sure how to get one so I just go around feeling crazy. I hope at the very least you know you aren't the only one out there. Plus it takes a lot of energy to be a shiny, happy person. Especially one who holds hands.

diane said...

I feel that way too. Except it's because my life is like a bad country song.

Anonymous said...

All I've wanted for two years was a baby. I finally got exactly what I wanted, so why did I find a note on the counter that I wrote two days ago titled "Things Stressing/Freaking Me Out?" Lesser people than you have been
Off for lesser reasons, Renee.

Anonymous said...

Also: Not to pry, but do you see any kind of a counselor/therapist? I resisted my whole life but signed up when we went through our stuff with Angelo, and she has CHANGED my LIFE. I'm still afraid of lots of things, but I don't feel my fear is running my life so much...