Friday, May 8, 2009

On her own

"So what was it like meeting the teachers?  What'd you guys do?"

"We read a book, and then she asked me why I was standing on one foot."  

"What was the book abou --- you were standing on one foot?"

"Yeah.  It was about going to kindergarten."  

"Why were you standing on one foot?"  

"That's what she asked me!"  

"Yeah, but what did you tell her?"

"Because I know how."  

Yikes.  Now I REALLY don't want to let her go out there in the big world by herself.  I just need one more year.  We still haven't covered Not Being The Weird Kid, Just Because You Know How.  


Luann said...

That's great Renee. Luckily kids are pretty nice in Kindergarten. They don't really start getting mean until 3rd grade (or so I've heard).

mrsmouthy said...

What's especially funny is that I thought it was Lennon asking YOU what you did when YOU met the teachers.

Cassandra said...

Maybe she'll be the cool kid because she can stand on one foot???

Kristin said...

She'll definitely be the cool kid.

Anonymous said...

It PISSES me off when you don't post new blog posts. Like, seriously, I've put out TWICE this week and you haven't put out ONCE. This relationship is becoming too much work for me.

Katy said...

even if she is the weird kid, I think weird kids are the coolest adults.