Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stuff that goes on my blog

I have pictures of my newly painted wall, but I don't know where they are on my computer.  I know I loaded them, but when I look, they aren't there.  I'm going to just have to assume that these particular pictures are shy, or invisible, or magical, and either way, I respect that.  I'll load them again later today, in case it's just the fact that I'm an idiot.  

Lennon speaks Chinese.  That's not a metaphor for how parents and children inevitably grow apart.  No, she speaks real Chinese.  I think she learned it from Nickelodeon and this internet game she plays.  Wow.  I THINK that?  No, I KNOW that's where she learned it from.  Otherwise, I'd have to come to the conclusion that there is some other way she is learning, and I can safely rule out family, language classes, flash cards, and osmosis.  Eating a lot of those little canned oranges shouldn't have anything to do with this, right?  So yeah, she learned Chinese from Nickelodeon and the internet.  I think it's cool, except that I don't understand anything except "thank you" and "hello" so I end up feeling like she might be talking shit about me.  

We're going to an orientation for Kindergarten tonight.  Typing that out makes me nauseous.  

I just hit Lennon in the head with a plastic egg.   She's crying now.  Blind people should not play catch.  I should publish and get off the computer before I get cursed out in mandarin.  


Cassandra said...

Okay, the hitting Lennon in the head with the egg made me laugh...does that make me mean?

Scarlet said...

Wow kindergarten already. I am not looking forward to those days. Brooklyn is she watches out the window for the school bus and desperately wants to get on. I hope her teachers appreciate that she is bi-lingual.

Katy said...

Maybe I should start watching Nick

diane said...

I love that she can curse you out in Chinese. Or at least make you think that when she is painting your toenails. Oh wait, that is Vietnamese. Well, you don't know either one so it doesn't matter.