Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nerd alert

I went to see Star Trek a couple of nights ago, and I made a decision about myself.  I really enjoy nerdy stuff like time travel and science jokes, and fictional alternate universes with an accepted canon that I can read all about on the internet.  But I don't think I'm a nerd.  No really, I don't.  

I think nerds are awesome, by the way, so it's not that I'm denying nerdiness because I think I'm better than that.  It's the opposite of that.  I feel like I might be on the road to Nerd, but that I'm not quite there yet.  I have a Yellow Belt in Nerd.  

Okay, I know what you're thinking.  Saying "I have a Yellow Belt in Nerd" automatically moves me up a belt.  I wish it worked that way.  

I'm serious when I say I want to be a Nerd (legitimately), but I'm also serious when I say that I don't appreciate my husband calling me a nerd when I read the plot summaries for Lost Season 2.  I kind of wish he had waited until I started reading analysis of themes for Lost Season 2, because now I fear I will jump from mere nerd to just straight-up pathetic.  You just don't jump the gun like that.  Also, it's maybe the second or third unsexiest thing you could possibly say to your wife.  

So, to summarize, I'm not quite a nerd, because I don't know everything I think nerds know, but I want to know those things, so I am deeming myself a prospective nerd.  Nerd-In-Training.   Eric may sound the Nerd Alert, but all that does is confirm that he is a Black Belt Dork, which everyone knows, is just a Nerd without the redeeming smarts to make it all okay.  


Monika said...

Hey maybe you can be like those girl nerds that turn to sexy girl nerd? When they get a makeover by the cool girl in school then all the dudes fall all over themselves cuz she is hot and smart. I will nominate you for "What not to wear" so you can get the make-over. You just work on the smarts part. ;)

Monika said...

Wait, I just realized my scenario sounds an awful lot like "Can't Buy Me Love" except substitute girl for boy. Man I must have watched that movie way too much when I was young.

Renee said...

um, who says I'm not already sexy girl nerd? RUDE.

diane said...

I loved Star Trek. And I used to love playing Magic, the Gathering (no, not Magic, the Get-together; I never bought that version). I am okay with being a nerd-poser. Nerds would never accept me anyway. And pathetic? I don't mind that tag either.

mrsmouthy said...

Next to me, you're definitely a black-belt nerd.

brett and carly said...

Hey, me too! I'm a sucker for all things sci-fi... aliens, elves, etc... I always gravitate toward those kind of books and movies. I've read The Hobbit, the Sword of Shanarra, and all such books, watched pretty much every comic book-based or fantasy style movie to come out in the last 10 years, and have had conversations with my hubby as to what super-power I would choose... so, can I be a yellow-belt too? :)