Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sound Decision

Oooooooh.... shoot. Shoot shoot shoot.  

So you know how I'm saving up for The Beatles Rock Band?  

Yeah, now I'm like, "...wait...".  Because now, this.

For those of you, too busy to click (I've been there), they are rereleasing the entire Beatles catalogue, digitally remastered for the first time, and for a limited time, the discs are embedded with a documentary about each of the albums.  And they have the original UK art.  And they are made of Magic and Rainbows.  

I know I don't NEED this.  But if I were filthy rich, you know I'd be buying these up faster than you can say "goo goo goo joob."  At the very least, I would like to get Magical Mystery Tour, because my copy is scratched up, and I probably need to get Abbey Road, because it's my favorite, and maybe also Rubber Soul and Revolver because it's like an investment in our children's future or something.  Pretty much, I know what I'm going to be asking for this Christmas.  

The really sad part is that I JUST reread Thoreau (for fun, I know, my life is boring), and I was shaking my head in agreement the whole time he was talking about unnecessary material things, and how they distract us from self-reflection and progress, and I even made a conscious decision to avoid filling my home with Things, thus forging my own silver fetters or whatever.  

Okay, and how's this for irony?  I wrote a paper once comparing the philosophies of Thoreau with the lyrics of The Beatles.  So it's like The Beatles are totally using their own sword against them (in the guise of a Freshman English term paper, of all things).

Then again, maybe I just made a case for this purchase.  After all, Thoreau wouldn't have a problem with filling his home with things that promote thought and reflection.  Which The Beatles kind of do.  Right?  Right.  

So I guess I'll be saving up for these albums after all.  It's the Wise Philosopher thing to do. And I assure you, I will still be finding a way to make Rock Band happen 
 ...If only to wake my neighbors up (<---Thoreau joke.  Am nerd.  Going to stop now).  


mrsmouthy said...

Don't the Monkees have a cheaper yet strikingly similar version out?

eric said...

Thoreau never had to deal with a "Beatles stuff or no Beatles stuff" problem.