Monday, April 6, 2009

Here Are Some Pictures I Never Posted

I probably shouldn't even bother posting them now, but I'm pretty sure the chance I might bore you has never stopped me from posting anything on this blog before.  So, without further ado, Pictures:

This is a picture of Lennon, making Harrison a birthday cake.  It was carefully staged to make it look like the time I spent living with my mom was managed to include kitchen cleaning and baking.  However, attention to detail is not my specialty, as Lennon looks kind of homeless. (On a semi-unrelated note, I absolutely HATED that broom thingie my mom hung above her stove.  Why bother cleaning a kitchen when, "Whew, all done.  Good thing everyone can see the broom-fire-hazard thingie so much better now"?  Bleh).  

Here's Lennon, again.  I forget how she got that thing on her chin.  It's gone now.  I bet it was a good story, full of KID FAIL, though.

For a while there, Harrison thought it was the funniest thing ever to close his eyes when someone took out a camera.  Real funny kid.  (Not snot on his nose... my child just has a serious drinking problem...) 

Caught Lennon on our bed one night, watching Cinderella and pigging out.  It was cute, and totally picture worthy.  (Quick aside:  Today Lennon told us that the dentist told her she shouldn't eat candy anymore, and so we talked about other options, and how we could approach the problem of someone offering her a candy she can't eat ("No thank you, I don't need any right now").  What kid tells their parents she shouldn't have candy??  I'm thinking of having her head checked).  

Harrison, at a park, looking kind of old.  Serious love for this kid.

Lennon and her cousin Chloe.  I submit that it does not get cuter...

...unless you're talking about old Mexican Tatas loving their great-grandbabies.   The backwards hats were his idea.  Do they wear backwards hats on Telemundo?  I guess I can now only assume, the answer is yes.  

And that was Pictures.  You're welcome.  


Katy said...

You really should post pictures more. I like it.

Scarlet said...

I love Lennon pigging out and with the rag on her hair she looks a lot like Cinderella. Also Love that Harrison closes his eyes for Photos. it's like a silent protest.

witticism here said...

Aaaahh, too cute. I second Katy.

Ern said...

I love the pics and the commentary, Nae, especially the pic of Lennon pigging out. Is this "monkey see, monkey do" behavior? I love Mexican Tatas, reversed hat-style.

eric said...

I love Mexican tatas, too. (creepy cat call).