Thursday, April 16, 2009

If I Were A Potato With Super Powers, My Name Would Be "The CommentTater"

I am so much funnier and full of wit and charm in the comments I make on other people's blogs.  I'm really kind of sad that you can't see what I post everywhere else.  I think I may just give up trying to write my own posts, and use this blog to post what I posted on other people's posts.  

Like today I compared special needs kids to tuna casserole, and was TOTALLY P.C. about it, and I made a brilliant nickname for a stupid professor with glasses, and I talked about periods TWICE, but was TOTALLY not gross about it, and I was funny in so many other places today, I swear.  It was really kind of beautiful, and you totally should have been there, but since you weren't there, you will maybe never fully comprehend how hilarious and cool I am.  

So that's why I just recapped The Funny for you here on my blog today.  

To quote myself on a comment posted on another person's post today, "And that, my friends, is how you internet."  


Katy said...

I feel exactly the same way. I'm way wittier in the comments section and always want to be like, look at ME, look at ME. I'm glad you brought this up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even going to be sarcastic or rude today. It's really hard not to write what I REALLY want to write. I keep trying to do it. But I won't. Instead I'm just going to second your own commendation of yourself. You crack me up every time!

diane said...

I loved your "that's how you internet" comment. He's the best, isn't he? Well, right behind you and your menses comments.