Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Informative and up-to-date

Have you guys ever done this before? The no-internet thing? It's crazy. I thought it would be liberating or something, but mostly I feel like an isolated loser who has no idea what celebrity went pantsless this week. (I spent the month assuming it alternated betweeen Lindsay Lohan and A. Rod). Withdrawal has not been kind to me. No babies crawling on the ceiling or anything (Trainspotting reference) but I did come pretty close to vomiting eggs all over Pa (Little House on the Prairie reference.... I wish more people "got me" like you people do).

So the whole reason I am sans internet is because we bought a new-build home, and for some reason Richmond American Homes thought it would be supercool if they put stucco all over the wires that the telephone and internet company need to get me connected to you guys. It was, to say the least, a total boner move on their part. (Wait? Is that good thing or a bad thing? I've been away from the internet so long, I don't remember proper slang usage anymore). They still haven't come out to fix it, and I promise you, my emotions will be be reflected in any performance surveys they may send my way. Hell hath no fury like a blogger without connection.

To update: We painted some rooms, they came out really well, we lost momentum and now all our paintless rooms are scuffed and bare and ug. I went and signed up for vocational rehabilition, which is gu'ment speak for "Git me a job, sucka, 'fo this blind mofo gets litigous on yo ... " Okay no, it's mostly just the government being comfortably socialist, and me saying, screw my political ideals, because free laptop for school > anything.

Also, I cried a little because Lennon started looking very old, and Harrison is standing up on his own. We took cute pictures of them doing cute things. I spilled food on my new carpet. Same ol', same ol'.

So I don't exactly know when I'll be back, but please don't forget me. I picked writing this blog over eating birthday cupcakes. Now that's love.


witticism here said...

I miiiisss you!

Katy said...

Yes! We Missssss you!

diane said...

You're friends became so hard up, even Mrs. Mouthy came by to visit MY blog. That is some serious Renee-withdrawal.
BTW - You invited my mom over to see your house, but not me? I will cry alone. But she said your house is super cute! I'll have to just take her word for it I suppose.

Anonymous said...

It's true. I missed you. But you'll never catch me admitting it publicly.