Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*tiny gasp*

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh nobody move. nobody blink, nobody swallow, nobody scratch that itch on your nose. nothing. crying kid? leave him!

my internet, for some unexplained reason, is working. please don't jinx this for me.

i am terrified to do anything that might screw this up. my neck is a little uncomfortable in this chair, but i'm scared that if i move over to the couch, i'll lose everyting... i totally see the typo in that word, but i'm not going to hit the backspace, in case this internet-working-thing is dependent on me not hitting backspace. just leave it renee. just keep typing. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.

i'm going for it... caps lock... hold your breath.... And we're still alive.

I can't explain this, so I'm just going with it. I've kind of got the same deal going on with my cable right now. On the second day here, I was all, "Maybe I can get the basic channels if I plug it in and try it out because in my alternate universe something like that would totally work and not at all go against everything I know about cable television" and I turned on my tv and the channels, they just kept on a'coming. All sixty channels. I'm definitely not paying for it, and I haven't given the cable company any of my information, so it's not like they can bill me later (can they??). I just figure, one day I'll be in the middle of a My Life on the D List marathon, and the cable will go out, and I'll say to myself, "Well, it was fun while it lasted."

It's not stealing is it? It's not like I hacked into anything. I just turned on my television. Bums don't consider it stealing if they find a perfectly good sandwich on top of the trash pile, do they? I don't think they do...

I have so much love for getting free stuff with little to no effort.

I'm going to hit publish now. Everyone, think positive, free-internety thoughts.


diane said...

~~~thinking positive~~~ And no, sandwiches on top of the garbage are DEFINITELY free for the taking.

SCarlet said...

If you live in a new build then they usually give you free cable for a couple of months just to get you hooked and then they ring the bell one day and ask if you want to keep it for some ridiculous price. And you say no I guess I don't and then they go around back and cut the cord. I highly recommend Dish Network when you free cable days are over. It is way cheaper and the DVR is too.

Randy and Dionne Sillik said...

lol you are too funny!