Friday, January 2, 2009


Oh guys, Lennon is just getting too old, and I'm not coping well.  

New Year's Eve, she went outside to play, and she started up an over-the-fence conversation with the neighbor kids to the back of us.  "Cute," I thought.  "She's making friends."  

But, you guys, she really WAS making friends.  Next thing I know, they're over in our backyard, playing hide-and-seek, and Lennon is telling them jokes, and carrying a stick, and no I have no idea what the stick-carrying has to do with anything, but it just seemed big of her, and WHERE DID MY TODDLER WITH PIGTAILS AND A SNOTTY NOSE GO?!?!?!!!

The next morning, she had a snotty nose again, and I thought things had returned to normal, but then the neighbor kids knocked on our door and wanted to play again.  So they colored in Lennon's room, and Lennon was making them laugh, and then after they left I found a picture that one of the girls drew of herself holding hands with a yellow-haired stick with circles for eyes instead of dots (which I can only assume was meant to represent Lennon) and the words "I Love My New Friend" written underneath the rainbow cloud.  


She's totally grown up now, and tomorrow she's going to ask me to drop her off at the mall, and then she'll be going to college, and then moving out on her own, and I'm going to be nothing but a memory to her.  "Remember that one lady who spent four-and-a-half years playing My Little Pony and trains and coloring and Candy Land with me, and I totally ditched her for REAL friends before we ever got to the Barbie phase, which is totally the funnest phase?" 

I know she has to grow up and I know she has to make friends.  I'm honestly super-excited for her.   

However, the first thing I did this morning was brush Lennon's hair into pigtails.  Later, I'm going to the store to see if they make footie pajamas in a girls size 6.  I'm holding on just as long as I can.  


Homer said...

If Gene Simmons can find footie pajamas that fit him, then I'm guessing you can find some to fit Lennon.

Kristin said...

The other day, I saw Lennon buying Tampax.

Luann said...

I hate to think what the entry after her first day of kindergarten is going to be. I think Old Navy has footie pajamas that run pretty big. My friends 5 year old has some.

Katy said...

Ha ha ha ha, tampax... funny!

Cassandra said...

Okay, preggo woman crying over here. Too sweet. And this is why I rocked my 21 month old to sleep last night.

The Vanny Bunch said...

That is so sweet. Walmart, Target, and VF outlet has them for older kids

witticism here said...

I think you should strive to find footie pjs for the entire family and your xmas pic next year should be all of you around the xmas tree with hot cocoa. Now that is a Christmas card I would keep and frame.