Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Life

I once wrote something for my friend's 'zine back in high school (remember 'zines?) about Oprah.  Something about how she was the anti-christ.  I had a list of reasons, and I remember them, but I dare not give my high-school self credit for what I thought was hilarious back then.  I distinctly remember the drawing my friend made of  Oprah's big head, and how he drew flames coming up behind her, and a pitchfork in her free hand.  For a couple of barely-social high school kids, we thought we were being pretty clever.  Oprah Jokes = Guaranteed laughs.  

Then I got older and all of a sudden I was gaining weight, having relationships problems, feeling disorganized and uncertain about my future, and I had a lot of time in between the daytime hours of noon and four.  So Oprah entered my life in a whole new way.  

Don't get me wrong.  I still take her with a grain of salt.  I'm not into the way she kisses John Travolta's and Maria Shriver's butt the minute they step foot on her stage.  And Heaven help me, I cannot STAND the way she repeats everything she says at least twice.  We heard you Oprah.  Oh, and don't even get me started on Gayle.  Gayle and I are not on speaking terms.

But I appreciate Oprah's willingness to present topics to my demographic that will entertain and inform me.  She's relatively out of touch, for the most part, suggesting that I should provide nothing less than 1000 thread count sheets in the guest room (I'll be sure to keep that in mind O, just as soon as I a) have a guest room or b) have a guest) and yes I've seen the YouTube clip where she denounces Christ.  I'm not saying she's my guide to life or anything.  I just like watching her show every now and then.  I do love me some Favorite Things.

This week she's doing a series she calls Best Life.  It's a two-week special event in which she hands the stage over the experts in money, health, sex, wealth, and spirituality.  

Now, as much as I've grown in my acceptance of Oprah, I can't say that I think this series will actually DO anything to change any of these aspects of my life.  And I've got to be frank.  I don't want that woman anywhere NEAR my sex life.  I will, however, be watching, because somehow I've succumbed to the New Year's Resolution this year, and I will do want 2009 to be my Best Year Ever (or as Oprah would put it, Best Year EvAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!).  

I'm really going to try harder to be a better person, and someone more responsible for the outcome of my life.  If watching a show I'd probably watch anyway will allow me to take away at least one thing that will make that happen for me, then I think that's worth sitting through a little bit of Oprah Crazy.  

Still, I've got to know if I'm the only one nutty enough to care what Oprah has to say about my life.  Are any of you drinking the O KoolAid?  Any suggestions for drinking responsibly, and not letting Oprah crash through the wall of my psyche yelling "OH YEAH!!" and leaving a bigger mess than there is now?  Or maybe you just got off the Harpo train, and you feel a need to warn me that tickets are cheap, but it's a scary ride.  Whatever you've got people.  I'm open.  

And because I love you:


Scarlet said...

I can relate to this blog in the biggest way. I recently bought a copy of O and was somewhat ashamed that I did that because I feel it's content is mroe advertisement than reading material but anywho. I was really struck by her weight loss struggle again. And while I have not yet watched today's show it is tivoing as we speak or as I type rather. And what I got from the O article is that she has gained a bunch of weight again yada yada and that she needs to lose it. But what really struck me was that she had a busy year and kind of forgot to put herself as a priority. I have been struggling to lose weight for about 3 years now and I think that is odd how that coinsides with my entering motherhood. I do not take the time I need for me and I make my children and my husband my priority and I think the size of my clothing shows it. So I am trying to make this year as much about me as I can. Obviously I still need to make my kids a major priority (as brooklyn is sending Brady's walker sailing across the room with him in it) but why should I completely fall through the cracks and not get any love and attention. So that my friend is what I am starting this year thanks to O magazine and Oprah and also I am going to avoid being attacked by a bear also something I got from an article in it. And I hope that my tivo'd episode inspires me further. As I hope it does for you too.

witticism here said...

I love O. I try hard not to, but she is so dead on about so many things. I also appreciate how humble she can be. For instance, when she had an episode about parenting I kept watching wondering what the h she would have to say about it and she openly deferred to the experts and moms in the audience. The only time I get totally annoyed with her is when she talks about money. I mean, c'mon, really? You want to tell me about how you struggle to be thrifty and eat stale bread as toast because you don't want it to go to waste?

I say, take your inspiration where you can get it. Except for Ann Coulter, except her... Oh, and Dr. Oz....I HATE that dude. No doctor should be that excited to talk about poop. His neck vein bugs, too. Okay, I'm going to stop.

I've taken a perfectly positive comment on a post and turned it nasty. Apologies.

How about them Cardinals, huh??!