Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Getting Better All The Time

I've only been awake for fifteen minutes, and already I think today is going to be a much better day.  Eric stayed home today because he isn't feeling well, and it's not that I'm happy he feels gross, but it is kind of nice waking up next to him.  

I got online and read a laugh-out-loud e-mail from a friend who inserted a Jetsons reference into the conversation seamlessly.  Erin Holliday, you're my hero.  

Then Lennon came out of her room, walking on her tiptoes.  She looked so cute with her mismatched pajamas and lion mane of yellow hair shooting out of the top of her head, and she said, in the same tone as one might say, "The sky is blue" or "Tivo is awesome": 

"Mommy, I'm tall."  

When those are the first words you hear in the morning, coming from a face as cute as that, it's pretty much impossible to have a bad day.  

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Katy said...

I can't even think of one Jetson's line, let alone intergrate one in to an email seamlessly. Way to go Erin. Glad you having a better day Renee