Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes, I'm still doing this

A Christmas Wedding (nothing Christmas about this movie except for the date it was set on)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (nothing but love for this one)
Merry Christmas Drake & Josh (Oh man, Drake is so totally my Dateline To Catch A Predator trap)
Prancer (Sam Eliot is frightening)
A Christmas Affair (this sucked)
Eve's Christmas (starring the redhead from Clueless and a bunch of Canadians (they look like us, but they're not us)
Elf (best new Christmas movie EVER)
Polar Express (Lennon was obsessed with this last year, and I know it by heart)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (I dare you to tell me one thing wrong about this movie)
It's Christmastime Again Charlie Brown (boring)
Cranberry Christmas (maybe the only thing Barry Manilow got behind that didn't have a pulse) (Did I just say that?)
Blizzard (A LeVar Burton Joint)

In other news, Harrison says, "Bah" now. I think "Humbug" is on its way.


Kristin said...

I'm calling shenanigans. There's no way you could watch that many hours of Christmas movies in a day or two....is there? That's got to be like 20 hours, no?

Renee said...

Sad how little you know about my day.

Think about it: Wake up with Harrison 7am, go nowhere all day, spend time with Eric when he gets home at 8pm, go to bed 10pm, insomnia from 2am to 4am.

It's very, very possible. Plus, it's tivoed most of these, and I admit, I do fast forward through some of the Lifetime ones, because I know what's going on without having to know what's going on.

My life really is this pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic? Your life is AWESOME! I just spent 3 hours hatching from an egg and yelling "No!" at my 3-year-old every time he yelled "No!" at a baby we're watching. It's enough to make me watch that Mary Kate & Ashley movie you mentioned yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real. I was going to watch it anyway.

Homer said...

The Grinch is awesome! Unless you are referring to the unfortunate live-action version which led the way for The Cat in the Hat. With Mike Myers. I'm not sure who I hate more for that: Jim Carey or Ron Howard.

That earns them both a special place in hell next to Clay Aiken.

Renee said...

Homer, I would never refer to that non-Chuck-Jones Christmas nightmare. I won't even mention its name. That girl that "sings" that "song" makes me want to hurt people. Red-headed-director-type people, mostly.

Renee said...

Rachel, I don't understand the thing you said about hatching from an egg. I think I might be hallucinating that part of your post.

Anonymous said...

The "egg" is a blanket and when we hatch my son and I say "meow meow" like newly hatched cats. I'm sure it's perfectly clear now.

Ern said...

Have you seen The Christmas List on the abc family network? It's about a woman who works behind a parfum counter, and she has a list of Christmas wishes, including a red convertible and a wardrobe of designer clothes. I don't know why I like it, but I do. There's a movie called Holiday in Handcuffs starring Melissa Joan Hart, but I haven't seen it... I haven't stooped that low. Yet.

Renee said...

Erin, I think The Christmas List is kind of cute too, because I like the storyline about her special ability to identify all the different scents. I want to be able to do that too. It's on my person christmas list.