Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lennon is the Best

Just a couple of cute Lennon things I don't want to ever forget:

She told my mom she wanted a shiny new button and a plum to eat for Christmas. The heck?! It's like she was temporarily possessed by a Depression Era orphan with a heart of gold or something. It was so sweet though. She is TOTALLY getting a shiny new button and a plum.

Also, this evening, I was putting Harrison to sleep and she and I sang a song to him to calm him down. We started with Good Night (The Beatles song), and I was just about to suggest Moon, Moon, Moon, when she decided she was going to make up a song for him. She called it, "It's Too Late To Go To Space" and it was about how space is really fun, and a neat place to see, but he can't go there now, because it's too late, and he needs to sleep. I'm telling you guys, it was the sweetest song I've ever heard. And I'm 93% certain she was making it up as she was going along, because the rhyme scheme sucked, but the story and tune were so, so perfect. Then she reminded me that she's four by singing a song about how much her butt likes the ocean.


eric said...

Sounds like she's got some hits on her hands. Cute little pumpkin.

Kristin said...

Awww...she's so dang cute! I love that she thought about space, butts and the ocean. So random, and yet so age appropriate!

Anonymous said...

I am totally starting up a Lennon for President campaign!