Monday, December 29, 2008

Bad, bad day

Well, THAT day sucked.  

You know those days where it doesn't seem like you can't do anything right?  The day you get burned, burn bridges, become burnt out, and then burn dinner?  That was today.  Alexander, and your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day?  You ain't got nothing on me, buddy.  At this point, I'd WELCOME gum in my hair and a trip to the dentist.  Plus, you got new shoes, so really, you can just stop complaining altogether.  

I don't really want to get into WHY today was so bad.  Nobody was physically hurt, and we all still have our jobs and most of our health, and mostly I'm probably just making someone who really DID have a bad day really p'd.  I guess it's just one of those, "Why do I exist, again?" days.  
I feel like a bad mother and a horrible wife, and easily the worst daughter to walk the planet, and mostly it might have started because the sink had dirty dishes in it this morning and not like it doesn't ALWAYS have dirty dishes in the morning, but something about THIS morning's dirty dishes made everything else just blah and blech.  Somebody PLEASE tell me to get a grip.  
Anyway, I hope your day was good.  And I'm thankful for fresh starts in the morning.  And, oh yeah, don't really tell me to get a grip, because I REALLY don't think I can take anymore criticism today, and I just might snap, and trust me, this is not the day to get me snapping.  

I think I might move to Australia.  


Renee said...

Wow. I wrote "It doesn't seem like I can't do anything right."

I am totally leaving it that way, as evidence.

Ern said...

Today was a rotten day for me too. But that pizza massage made it lots better. You should try it sometime. ;)

Mama's Place said...

May there be sunshine in your soul today♥♥

witticism here said...

I hate those days, Renee. There is nothing worse than a load of shit hitting you like forty pounds of bricks.

I hope today is better. You couldn't possibly have two bad days in a row. (Not to tempt fate or anything...)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Get a grib!

(There. I didn't say it.)