Friday, December 26, 2008

Good Morning, You

I'm supposed to write a blog today, aren't I?  I mean, if I'm searching out everyone else's blog for Christmas recaps, I should do the same, yes?  

How about this?  I'll totally, maybe, probably get back to you on that, after my head stops spinning, the sugar in my blood is somehow absorbed and balanced out, and my kids don't look like ragamuffins (probably not a word).  Two of the happiest ragamuffins in all of Christendom, but ragamuffins nonetheless.  

Also, I just got Animal Crossing: The City for Wii, so maybe don't hold your breath on that blog update.  It might be a while.  I've got animals to meet and bells to spend.  

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas.  


Renee said...

And Happy Boxing Day. and Happy Holidays, if that's more appropriate to your situation.

Cassandra said...

Sounds like you'll be enjoying yourself, so I'm sure everyone will forgive you for the lapse in blogging! Merry Christmas to you too and hope you have a great New Year's.