Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 Letters to Santa

Lennon told me last night she needed help, because she would need to write three letters to Santa this year.

And I was thinking, "Geez kid, I think we've got a little problem with consumerism if you can fill three letters with stuff you want for Christmas." I mean, even I can't think of three letters worth of wants. Two and a half letters maybe, but not three.

But I figured I'd save the lecture on not being so greedy for another time. For now, it'd be interesting to see all the things Lennon could possibly want, especially since we never really get out to the store anymore, and thanks to Tivo and PBS, I don't remember the last time we watched commercials. If she wanted to fill three letters with wishes, okay. It didn't mean Santa would get her everything in there.

Three letters to Santa, though. Huh. I just didn't take her for a kid who would be so into STUFF.

"Okay, Lennon," I said, grabbing a piece of green paper and a marker. "What do you want to say in your first letter?"



"Okay, well you can write an E. Remember? First a straight line down, and then three little lines across, like this," I said as I demonstrated with my finger. "But what do you want to write? What do you want to ask Santa for?"

"I need three letters."

"I know. So let's get started on this one."

"Okay, I need E-V- and another E. Can you help me?"

Oh. Three letters. Now I get it.

So Santa decided that since Lennon is just about the cutest little person in the whole world, she can have Eve.

And just because Santa is a sucker for kids who don't go crazy at Christmastime, asking for three full lists of things she saw on TV or in the store windows, (and also because is having an online sale) this is going under the tree as well:

Just try telling me you wouldn't do the same thing.


Jenny said...

That was the most adorable story I've ever heard. What a sweet little girl (and smart, too!).

diane said...

That's cute. Although my little family is probably the only one in the nation that did NOT enjoy Wall-E. Unless of course it is naptime and we need something to get us to sleep.

eric said...

that's my cute little girl! And Diane, not love for Wall-E? Ouch.

Sheri_Beri said...

That's cute Renee...

diane said...

Sorry Eric. I love Mr Rogers, but anything slower than that is like Unisom. I also can't stand Little Bear. I know. But on the flip side, I just made some more DELICIOUS french bread. Yummmmm.

Anonymous said...

That is just cute. What a smart little cookie. I love moments like that.

mrsmouthy said...

Have I told you lately that I love your blog? I do!