Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Novel

Vampires. Werewolves. Are we really talking about this again? I want a book and movie deal too.

I should be finished with my first draft by New Year's. To summarize, Frankensterin's Creature (Ezra Wilder) and the Mummy (Henry St. John), buddies since junior high, attend State college together. Senior year, Ezra meets a wispy, naive freshman in his biology class, and can't wait to introduce her to Henry, who, coincidentally, has just met a sweet little blonde in Ancient History 101. Will Mr. Wilder, fearing the flames of his own passion, allow his best friend to wrap his arms around his only hope for true love, or will Rose, the fair-haired innocent and daughter of a Captain, grow bored of her unlikely ability to attract B movie villains, and find passion and the supernatural mystique she didn't know she was looking for in her dorm R.A., Ira, a shy leprechaun with a mysterious past.

Cereal aisles carry so much inspiration.


diane said...

I feel so sorry for you. Edward and Bella - TLA/4Ever. One day you'll know.

ebv said...

What about the cookie crisp criminals?

diane said...

Sure you don't wanna come Thurs? You can ride with me and momma. And you can read in B&N with her for a couple hrs while I wait in line.
It'll be lots of fun... :-)