Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why You Will Never Be As Funny As Me

Some Halloween jokes for you, so you can get into the spirit:

Q: What do ghosts read?
A: BOOks!

Q: What do ghosts wear on their feet?
A: BOOts!

Q: What's a ghost's favorite thing to drink?
A: BOOze!

Q: What sound do ghosts make when they explode?
A: BOOm!

Q: Who is a ghost's favorite American pioneer and trailblazer?
A: Daniel BOOne!

Q: What do you give a ghost who is trying to reach something high up?
A: A BOOst!

Q: What did the boy ghost like best about his ghost girlfriend?
A: Her smile.


mrsmouthy said...

And what dance do like to do? The BOOgie!

And what nasally substance do they like to eat? Same answer!!

diane said...

I will ABSOLUTELY never be as funny as you. Or mrsmouthy. That was a given.

Cassandra said...

I love the last one...come on now!