Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

L- is super into Ninjas lately. Or, as she calls them, "Minjas". I think that's a code or something, you know, that only ninjas know. L- is in like Flynn when it comes to all things Ninja.

I think it started a while back, and then got CRAZY when Kung Fu Panda came out. Yesterday we watched The Karate Kid, Part II, and she watched it more intently than I've seen her watch anything. Geez kid, that's not even the best one!

Then, L- and her cousin played ninjas all day today. It's a whole new kind of cute. They used to kick each other, but I had to put an end to that pretty quick, so now they just sneak around and pretend they're ninjas doing everyday activities like playing golf or ice skating. It's so cute, it might make your head explode.

Also, her favorite song is Kung Fu Fighting, which is a song I used to tolerate and now, I simply loathe, except that when L- sings it, it goes "Everbod was KunFu Pan-da". Way cuter, if you ask me. Which Carl Douglas did not. And that's where his mistakes only begin.

Anyway, I think L-'s ninja phase is even more awesome than her pirate pahse and her Indiana Jones phase combined. When did my kid surpass me in geeky coolness? Next thing I know, she'll be listening to Weezer and drawing her own comic books. Kid, can't you do anything wrong??

I'm hoping the Minja thing doesn't last too long though. We don't need a Robert Hamburger type on our hands. I'm thinking two more years of this obsession, tops, and then we'll have to intervene.

Oh, and because L- asks me to play it for her every hour, on the hour, here is her favorite YouTube clip (and my new least favorite thing on the Internet). Welcome to My Hell.

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Katy said...

Do you ever watch the Bachelorette? There was a contestant who had a mullet just like one of the Karate guys in Karate Kid (you know, the scary black team?) Chris Hansen, asked the dude " So, did you actually fight in the Cobra Kai Dojo?" It was comedy gold and probably one of the funniest moments I've seen on tv. I guess you had to watch it.