Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wish List

I made a Christmas Wish List. Just little things I wish I could afford to make my house feel more like the holidays. We won't be able to afford anything on that list this year, but I felt like I should at least write it all down, so I could keep tabs on the things I think I want, and then if I still want them next year, I can feel fully justified in stealing them.

I'd share the list, but I started to write it down for you guys, and it started feeling a little too Christmas Shoes. Like, okay, I started thinking, what if Lennon somehow sees this list and she sees that all I wanted for Christmas is a wreath for my door, and she starts saving her pennies, because it just so happens that the year she reads this blog post is the same year I'm terminally ill, and so she walks herself to the store on Christmas Eve and she doesn't have enough money, so some old guy who forgot the meaning of Christmas hears our story and buys it for her, but it's too late, and Lennon gets home, and I'm dead, so she leaves the wreath on my grave, that year and every year that follows, because that's all her Mama wanted for Christmas, and everyone CRIES.

(Dramatic? Moi????)

So yeah, I didn't want to share the list, because the list is kind of sad, if you're weird like me and overthink everything.

Wait, what the hell did I just write? Okay, I'm probably losing it, so never mind. Here's my Grownup Christmas List (so, so many bad Christmas songs out there, am I right?):

A Wreath for My Door

A Candle That Smells Like Christmas

4 Stocking Holders (the star ones that made me smile)

A Star For the Top of the Tree


Oh man, if I die this year, I'm really going to regret posting that. Especially since I would have gotten more Heaven Points if I had said something like World Peace or A Christmas Goose for the Poor People.


Becky Andrews said...

Okay those are two of my very favorite songs. Thanks for sharing. Love your list and when I first read your post on a wreath for the door - I laughed remembering when years ago I hung my wreath and then ran across the street to be able to see how my wreath looked (good old RP with the peephole). I also LOVE candles and lotion that smell like Christmas.

Michelle said...

The "Candle that smells like Christmas" made me wonder what christmas smells like, and then my brain hopped over to when my friend said she had a smothie at Jamba Juice once that *tasted* like christmas. She didn't know what was in it, only that it tasted like christmas.

I hope you get your christmas scented candle, and may a chistmas smoothie!

Oh, and everything else on your list! : )

Anonymous said...

Now I feel ungrateful because I don't feel like putting any Christmas decorations up and I have all of that stuff tucked away in the closet...Do you want to come steal it?

Mama's Place said...

I'm not letting Jack read this because he will give me a Christmas Goose and I surely don't want one!ÜÜ

vicky said... crack me up! Thank you :)