Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Relationship With Yer Dad

For some reason I think it's funnier to say "yer" instead of "your" right now.  Sorry that it's kind of annoying.

This is Post Number Three in the series of 30 Things I Want You To Know About Me.  I'm supposed to tell you about my relationship with my husband,  AKA your dad.

Something that we hear a lot from family and friends is how smitten I am with your dad.  I really do think he's just about as perfect as a man can get.  He's very handsome, he's smart, he's hilarious, and he does everything he can to keep us safe and happy.

We are alike in many ways.  We find the same things funny, and we have the same taste music and art. We share the same values, and we struggle with a lot of the same flaws.

We've been married for ten years, but before we were married, we were best friends for five years. When I was 16, because I was a big nerd, we would talk on America Online instant messages (holy crap, we are so old.)  I used to get very excited about receiving an e-mail from him.  He was funny, and always gave good advice when I needed it.  Sometimes he would help me with homework assignments, or we'd play Beatles lyric games, or we'd message back and forth until late at night until one of us was the decided victor in an unspoken contest of which one of us is funnier (him... always him.)

When we finally met in person, I thought he was the cutest guy I'd ever seen, not counting Ewan McGregor, of course.  I loved being around him, and he always made me laugh.

When we FINALLY started dating, after a year of being "just friends," I decided that I really liked kissing him.

We were best friends, even when we took a break from dating.  It wasn't always easy being in a relationship with the male version of myself, but over the years we found out what our differences were, and we discovered that changing the other person into our more perfect selves was not only impossible, it was even desirable.  We love each other because of our differences, and we encourage each other to be our best, but we aren't interested in changing anything.

I really hope you two find someone who loves you for who you are.  The best advice I can give is to keep your eyes open for the person who is always there for you, even when you're at your lowest.  And try to be the kind of person who can be there for someone else.  And find someone funnier than you, that you like to kiss.  Everything else just kind of falls into place.

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Sarah Beau Bera said...

You say that Eric is the male version of yourself, but you've told me that I am the female version of Eric. Renee - we could totally rock a domestic partnership.