Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Some Cute Stuff That Gets Said Around Here

(While watching 101 Dalmatians)
L: Mom, that lady should have gotten her drivers' license.
M: I don't think they give those to crazy people.
L: Is that why you don't have one?

L: Can I live there? What's it called?
M: London?
L: Yeah London. Wait, dogs can talk in London?
M: Only the smart ones.
L: I can tell you're lying, because then EVERYONE would live there.

H: Pess Pay! Pess Pay!
L: Mom, he needs you to press play.
M: I know, I understood him.
L: You know lots of languages.
M: Just the important ones.
L: Like Pirate?

(While eating French Toast)
L: This tastes like sugar.
H: NO! (in reference to the milk I was pouring, not in reference to her statement)
L: It's okay Harrison, we can eat it because it's dinner, so it doesn't count.

L: Harrison would make a good dog.
H: (laughs)
M: Or a hyena.
L: Mom. *sigh* That's the same as a dog, only for lions.

L: Did you know George Washington was our first president?
M: Did you know he had wooden teeth?
L: Did you know he was president for eight years?
M: Did you know he was a Freemason?
L: Did you know he was born in February?
M: Did you know he wore a wig?
L: You win.


The Wizzle said...

Awesome. Ten different kinds of awesome.

Hillary said...

<3 this Renee! Too cute :)

Becky said...

love cute quotes. And nice you've got them down to remember.

Melissa K. said...

Did you know that Lennon is adorable? Did you know that things that are painfully obvious should still be pointed out?

LOVE this.

monika said...

so cute

Sarah Beau Bera said...

I love the Vannies

amber and alma said...

These are always my favorite posts!