Monday, January 10, 2011

When You Try

I tried baking something, per your suggestions. You guys should have known better.

Thought I'd dip my toe in with a batch of cinnamon rolls, recipe courtesy of the always lovely Paula Deen.

And I screwed it up.

Scalded milk + Add egg = scrambled eggs.

I didn't know that. Gross.

Other things I didn't know:

*Yeast, if it doesn't froth up, isn't worth using.

*Don't start until you know you have all the ingredients.

*Just because I have a container marked "Flour" in my pantry, doesn't mean I actually have flour.

*Flour is actually really important.

*Listening to Louis CK while waiting for dough to rise makes rising dough HILARIOUS.

*Rolling stuff out when you can't see what you're rolling is messy. And fun.

*There IS such a thing as too much butter.

*Cinnamon and Sugar on anything, no matter how much you screw up, is delicious and right. Baking it, and adding frosting is only going to help.

*I can do this. I'm going to do more of this. Lots, lots, lots more.

UPDATE: Well, Maybe not LOTS more. Lennon just told Eric he reminds her of Santa, because, when he talks, his belly jiggles.


The Wizzle said...

Well, you should do it lots more, because it would be shame to gain all that hard-won trial-and-error knowledge and then not bake again! You already did most of the dumb stuff, so to get maximum return on your investment you need to practice.

By making me cinnamon rolls.

(Louis CK is our new favorite, by the way. HILARIOUS.)

Hope is a Thing With Feathers said...

They look pretty good to me. And if you want to try again, I'm feeling the urge to make some cin rolls myself...

amber and alma said...

Well if you aren't going to nap, then cooking and eating are the next best things. Actually, do them first and the nap will just come naturally. The rolls look fabulous!

monika said...

funny :)

vicky said...

Those look like the best thing I have ever seen!! YUM!

Anonymous said...

What? I totally commented on this post last week and it's not here! I'll just say it again:

Those look disgusting. You should stop trying.