Monday, January 24, 2011

Tell me again why they don't call them Bakies?


Especially a good morning to whoever left cookies at my door yesterday. They tasted suspiciously like Irene's cookies, but I'd hate to cheat someone out of credit for these. Even though the best compliment in the whole wide world would be that your cookies taste like Irene's.

Receiving cookies at my door made me think (what doesn't, amirite?):

I am surrounded by good people. There was almost no way for me to know who left me cookies, because I know so many people who would think, "I'd like to bring Renee some cookies." Many of you have done it before, on multiple occasions. I truly love my friends.

I've probably made it clear that cookies make my day. They really do. If I get cookies from someone, I find it impossible to remain in a sour mood. If I die unexpectedly, you might send cookies to my home, just to see if maybe I decide to come back to life, because now, Look! There are cookies! If there are cookies in Heaven, I'll pass on becoming undead, but at least you'll have some answers about the afterlife, right? Cookies are so important to understanding the bigger picture.

The point is, I have really good friends, and I'm super thankful for you. It isn't just the sweet, sugary, deliciousness that smoothes out a rough day. It's knowing that someone thought of me, and wanted me to know that they thought of me, and also, the cookies' deliciousness.

The moral of this story is, When one of you brings me cookies, all of you get credit for it. So if you want full credit directed solely at you, put your name on the cookies. Otherwise, just know that you made my day.

(On a related note, if your kid is selling Girl Scout cookies, e-mail me. I will buy four boxes. Om nom nom nom nom nom)


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Hope is a Thing With Feathers said...

I wish my friends were as cool as yours.

ebv said...

Great blog, but the first 2 seconds of the vid made my day (since the cookies were gone by the time I got home). Jim Henson doing Kermit voice is probably one of the top 3 sounds of all time.