Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh, The Trials of a SAHM

The kid is back in school. I'm not loving it. I think it just reminds me of how old these two are getting. Harrison is going to start preschool in a couple of months, and I'm going to be here at home all alone. Cleaning, or something. While someone else gets to play with them, and teach them stuff, and hear all the cute things they do and say. What kind of bum deal is that? What's the point of having kids if you don't get to spend all day, every day with them?

And THAT moment right there is when I was like, Dude, Renee, you need a hobby.

So I'm taking one on this year. My sister-in-law mentioned she learned how to crochet with YouTube. I might give that one a shot, when I get my hands on that needle stick thing you need. And Team Boo is going to sew quilts for her kids, which sounds like fun, and something I will likely totally try to copy, with not nearly as much success. A lot of you do photography for a hobby, which could be... interesting... Not likely something that would stick, seeing as how I don't see so well... but interesting.

As a former Girl Scout of America, I feel like I should have tons of ideas on what to do with my spare time, and yet "puffy painting a t-shirt" and "wrapping yarn around popsicle sticks" just doesn't sound all that fun anymore. So feel free to share in the comments what you do when you've got all the time in the world to do it. I'm completely open. Don't say "Exercise" or I'll punch you.


Luann said...

Play Plants Vs Zombies...? Is that a hobby or just a big waste of time? I think one of my hobbies is teaching myself to cook from scratch. The internet is a great resource and the reward is quite tasty (most of the time).

Luann said...
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Kristin said...

You could find a cookbook you really like and pull a Julie and Julia...try a recipe a day or week or whatever. You could also scrapbook the kids' pictures if you haven't done that already. You could also get a dog from a shelter and use your time to train it really well, and then add in agility or some specialized doggy sport.

amber and alma said...

Oh, I was going to say exercise, but since that will meet with such unfavorable results I am changing my answer to Nap. Napping is a hobby, right?
This year I am going to try to learn how to knit. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Lori said...

Get a puppy! Then you will never be alone. If you'd like a trial dog, you can dog-sit my dog. She's insane and you will never have a moment of peace. Fun times!