Sunday, December 12, 2010

In My House

Things That Are Broken:

1. My glasses. They snapped in half. In half, you guys. I'm wearing a prescription that is nearly five years old. Christmas lights are tripping me out, all fuzzy and drunk-glasses-y. It is SUCH a good thing I don't drive.

2. The Buck deer of our two Christmas Lights deer. Now who are the punk neighbors going to mount onto the doe so that I can once again explain to my kids that the deer are "hugging"?

3. My Tivo. It's not a huge deal. I have Hulu to rely on. And my kids watch too much TV anyway. It's just a bummer. The kind that makes me think of all the other broken stuff in my house.

4. My living room wall clock. It's always 11:58 in here. Which, if I were Cinderella, would be awesome. Since I'm not, it just reminds me that I'm too poor to just buy a new clock. And too lazy to just take this one down.

5. At least two dressers. Stupid IKEA, I love you so much.

6. My shoes. Next time I see you, remind me to show you how I can take off my Converse through the side of the shoe. It's a neat trick.

Things That Aren't Broken:
1. My funny bone
2. My relationships
3. My spirit
4. My appetite
5. Harrison's arm, because kids are like superheroes.
6. My will to blog something that isn't all complainy. Hang in there, folks. I'm almost feeling like myself again.

1 comment:

The Wizzle said...

Ha, I could so do a post like this. So many frickin' things are broken in my house right now.

Not my Tivo, though, that would be tragic.