Monday, December 6, 2010

Can You Handle It?

I was just explaining that I think some blogs write themselves, what with all the zany adventures and cleverly misunderstood children's wordplay, and the potty training, and my life, lately, has just not felt "blogworthy." Because most people don't want to hear about how I've changed my mind AGAIN on whether or not to start a Master's degree, and how Harrison's arm didn't stink when he got the cast off (so disappointing, because I had that blog entry all but published).

But THEN, last night we went and celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday. And like most 3rd birthdays, it ended with two men dressed in wife-beater tanks with ridiculous dyed-black facial hair and steps shaved into the sides of their heads.

For those who can't see the picture, that Eric with a handlebar mustache. A real one. I don't have Eric's brother's permission (yet?) to post his picture on my blog, but I assure you, his Fu Manchu was brilliant. I said it last night, and I'll say it again, the man looked like a sad panda.

Thanks to Eric's sisters, who decided this kind of entertainment was completely worth fifty bucks a piece. They just have to go to work like this one day this week, and we can afford Christmas!! And all it took was for me to never be able to look at my husband the same way ever again.

We must all bow down to Eric's ugly mustache. My blog has just been resuscitated.


Joan said...

That is hilariously disgusting only because I know you, his wife. If I didn't know you it would be awesome. I didn't have such strong feelings against facial hair until Joe had to participate in mustache March since joining the air force. I sympathize with you not liking Decembeard either. When I tell Joe to look at this post, because I must, he will be even sadder that our location prevents him and Eric from hanging out more often. He will also be jealous of what he would call the best mustache he has ever seen.

The Wizzle said...

I am interested in your boring life. Some people are interesting no matter what is going on, because the interest is inside them. It has nothing to do with circumstances.

You have it. Write more, please?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry my brilliant blog sucked the last breath of air out of yours. For what it's worth, some people get really excited about coming in second.

Anonymous said...

Seems resuscitated...

Your mustache tweet made no sense to me till I read the blog. I guess sequence matters. :-)

I have to retract my earlier comments. This plan was pure genius, (getting them to do this, of course). LOL!

jessica said...

I looked up resuscitated and that is an amazing word.