Thursday, October 21, 2010

Costume Update

Just for an update:

The costumes are done, except for some minor tweaks (the hat MUST be yellow). And I have my friend Sarah, and her amazing Mother-in-Law Allison to thank. I was all, "Can I bring this pattern over, and we can think about some different options?" and she was all "Bling! It Is Done." And I rubbed my eyes and disbelief and picked my jaw up off the floor, and lo and behold, there it was, done. And beautiful.

So instead of freaking out over a Halloween Costume, I asked for help, and got it, doubly-so. And I believe in the power of friends.

You guys, this costume.... it's like cocaine. I just have to look at it and know it's mine, and I feel euphoric. If I could figure out a way to snort it without ruining the glitter, I totally would.

Let someone do something for you today. You deserve it.

(Pictures of the awesomeness are less than a week away!)

Also, if you're in town, I feel like you should know, you're invited to the Halloween Brunch, where kids play in their costumes (or not), and I eat as many pumpkin donuts as I can stuff my face with. Saturday, October 30. There, or square.


monika said...

good, so glad! I cant wait to see pics of them in their costumes. :)

The Wizzle said...

This is so awesome, because you have costumes done (sooooo jealous, I really am) and because you let somebody help you! It really is the way to go. Some people *like* sewing. Did you know that?! Hard to believe, I know.

amber and alma said...

I am impressed that people can come up with costume ideas, let alone make them. So congrats on both accounts. Looking forward to pictures.