Saturday, May 29, 2010

He's my Cover Girl

I have much to say about school and what wearing a blindfold does to the back of my hair and what it's like to be the poorest person I know (daycare is expensive, yo, especially when you're not bringing in any income to offset it), and other bloggity stuff, but instead I am going to take this three-day weekend as an opportunity to vacation from thinking about it. Any of it. In fact, I'm determined to watch the Twilight movie and I may or may not eat a diet strictly consisting of potato chips. Brain-Use be damned.

So I'm passing you over to my husband, who has a blog now, which is a zillion times better than mine, without even trying, which is so typically Eric. "Meh, I'm bored, so I think I'll try drawing a picture of a horse or something" and then it's somehow awesome and hanging on a wall in his parent's house. Something he drew when he was bored! Same thing with this blogging thing. "Meh, I'm bored, so I think I'll start posting stuff on the internet." and in just a couple of months he is already getting more hits than me. Everything he does when he's bored is awesome. Which is why we should all hate him.

But not until after you take a minute to peruse and participate in his blog over at So far he's done covers of Iron Maiden and New Kids on the Block. Told ya. Awesome.

But then you guys have to come back here on Tuesday and like me the best, because if Eric steals any more of my friends, I can't promise that framed horse in his parent's hallway won't somehow find itself with profanities scratched into its forehead (two funny ones come to mind). It's not that I'm petty. It's just that I don't like people who succeed at things better than me.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Iz okay. I fixed things for youse and Eric should not be problem now.

Anonymous said...

Twilight. Yeeesss. And we have to finish New Moon sometime.