Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's For Holding Stuff

Rachel from Mrs. Mouthy did one of those Tagging post things, and even though I wasn't outright named, I'm inclined to at least refer to her post, because this has been a topic of discussion as of late:

I don't carry a purse.

In fact, I've pretty much never carried a purse. I own two purses. One was purchased in KoreaTown in Los Angeles, because it was cream and blue, which were my two favorite colors at the time, and I liked that it was canvas, because it went with my shoes. Currently, that purse is serving as a crayon bag for church. I really have never used it for much else. The other purse has become almost exclusively my Disneyland purse. It's just the right size for a camera, a map, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and all the sugary snacks I end up buying.

Which brings me to my second point. The kind of stuff I would carry in a purse is pretty much exactly what a little kid would put in there. And I say "kid" and not "girl" because I'm pretty sure the contents would be closer to what a boy would carry around, if that sort of thing wasn't so frowned upon. Pretty much the only thing I need that doesn't fit into a wallet is candy and maybe a Nintendo DSi.

So yes, I do carry a wallet. In my back pocket. I recently bought one from Old Navy that holds a debit card, a Target gift card, and my ID. When I used to have cash, I carried a manlier wallet made of brown fake leather. I didn't apologize for it. It did its job well.

What I'm wondering is, what on earth are you people carrying that requires a whole bag? Even when I had a diaper bag, I still only carried around diapers and wipes and MAYBE a rattle or a pacifier that never got used. My mom had a purse, but it seemed like the only thing she put in it was gum and pennies. Sometimes she had lipstick, but I never saw her put it on any other time than in the morning in front of her mirror.

I am stumped by purses. Enlighten me. Otherwise, I'm calling your bluff, and next time we hang out, I'm going to have to insist that you share some of your candy.


diane said...

I would share my candy with you if I was still eating it (and not stealing bites from my kids' candy bars instead).
Here's what is currently in mine...
*a little make-up bag (for applying while I am driving to school. yes, while I am driving.)
*my wallet
*two water bottles (I'm at school, remember?)
*fioricet for migraines
*some bills I need to pay
*a pack of gum
*lipgloss. okay, 3 lipglosses.
*my keys
a couple coupons and one of them is even still valid (I need to get to Borders before the 22nd though)

Lindsay said...

here goes:
* wallet
* keys
* phone
* ipod
* camera
* business card case
* envelope with gift cards
* 3 sharpies...incase the urge to tag something gets too intense?
* spray hand sanitizer
* small travel lotion
* Rx bottle with prenatals
* makeup bag
* two unused tea bags and two crystal light packets
* toddler sock
* partridge
* pear tree

Anonymous said...

Mom's purse smells of pennies and gum. I can actually smell it right now.

meghan said...

I'm like a hoarder of purse contents. There is WAY too much stuff in there:

Checkbook (I know, how circa 1990)
Two lipglosses and a chapstick
Tin of mints
Abreva (I have the oral Herpes, mama can't get caught in a jam withouth this stuff!)
Lip liner
Nail polish
Nail file
Ticket stubs from a Lakers game

Also, I have two purses that I use interchangeable depending on the outfit and they both have basically identical contents.

I'm realizing how high maintenence this makes me sound!

Kristin said...

2nd wallet w/store ID cards
lip glosses
desk keys for work

Mama's Place said...

I am right there with you Renee. I have a back pocket and it has my ID and debit card. That is all anyone needs. I buy a purse and Diane and Cathy wait for me to tire of it, then I hand it over to them. Purses drive me crazy!

Becky said...

Love it ... let's see in my purse is my planner that is large - the size of a big notebook; my phone; wallet; camera; treats for my guide dog - cricket; comb; keys; and treats for me! There are so many fun purses out now - its a fun accessory for me and place to haul everything. I often carry a couple bags for the days transitions (the challenge perhaps of not driving and being able to leave them in the car).

Keiko said...

I am such a purse whore. I don't need a lot of the space I have, especially since I stopped with the planner. I don't use a diaper bag so I usually have a diaper or two and wipes. Also, my wallet, phone, makeup bag, checkbook, pens, keys for school, scraps of paper, and if I am lucky I have gum. It would be nice to go without a purse but I would feel nekkid.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute. I got like TWO COMMENTS on my purse post so what are you doing over here with a cool 9?

I was going to end every comments for the next month with BOOM but it doesn't feel right in these circumstances, you thieving whore.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute. I got like TWO COMMENTS on my purse post so what are you doing over here with a cool 9?

I was going to end every comments for the next month with BOOM but it doesn't feel right in these circumstances, you thieving whore.


Anonymous said...

That's not fair. I swear I only clicked "publish" once and now you have ELEVEN comments.

Casey and his brother said...

Boxers have purses. For money.

Erin said...

LOL LOL. I love this post, and I love that you don't carry a purse! I WISH I didn't have to carry a purse, but I do.. I never know when I'll need:
-Checkbook (Megs, I'm stuck in the '90s too)
-Calculator (I use this on a daily basis and using my phone's calculator isn't the same)
-Highlighter, Mechanical Pencil, Pen AND Sharpie
-There's usually a banana in there and a baggie of almonds
-Spray Hand Sanitizer and lotion
-water bottle
-work keys

I should probably start pushing a backpack-on-wheels.

Cassandra said...

Oh gosh...I start out small and then end up with an overflow of junk in my purse:

-cell phone
-coin purse
-hand sanitizer
-two packs of gum
-checkbook with pen
-lip gloss

That's all that should be in there, but somehow I had a phone charger, a bag of cough drops, hershey kisses, a fork and a little Princess Aurora in there. Go figure.

Katy said...

Cell Phone
lots of random important papers
ziplock bag of "forbidden airport stuff"
business cards
nail file
sun glasses

I need to downsize

amber and alma said...

OH how I love my purse! In fact I just found the perfect one. It has to have 2 handles so that when you quickly wrench them apart you can see everything inside. 2 Pockets on the outside for keys and cell phone and only a zipper on top to close it all in. I have tried to leave the house without it, but I feel lost. Maybe it is like a security blanket I never had as a child.
Current contents:
*various lip products
*hand sanitizer and lotion
*bag full of pens & other work items
*combination lock
*water bottle
*cell phone and keys
*pair of real undies (for swimsuit shopping)
*etc (this list is getting too long)