Thursday, April 1, 2010

Info Dump

I don't have any awesome stories to share. Funny things happen around here, but nothing I've been inspired to write about. Now I feel like dumping all the information out that I've been uninspired by. And you have to sit through it, because my blog otherwise makes you laugh and/or cry. Just goes to show, you really need to invest your time in better bloggers.

1. Harrison is obsessed with Cars and Up, and pretty much all things Pixar. I like this stage. Lennon went through it, and it was fun knowing that I was just a play button away from peace in our home. My three favorite things he does: "UH OH, MAMA MAMA, NOO" (when Woody gets thrown out of the moving van) (because I do the SAME thing in my head. I hate that part). "Mmm mmm" (Racecar noise) "Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball" (trying to count all the balloons in Up).

2. Harrison hates bath time. He screams like it's torture. I haven't figured out a way to deal with this yet, other than to let him get to the point of absolute filth and stink, and then dealing with the screams for the longest two minutes of both our lives. If you have advice for this sort of thing, and by "this sort of thing," I mean a paralyzing fear of all things water and soap, I am open to suggestions.

3. Our house has stayed really clean for the past few months, because I've managed to keep the TV out of the living room. However, I feel that times, they are a'changing, and I'm no longer interested in TVs in the bedrooms. I am ready to take on the mess that goes along with a family television. God be with me.

4. Lennon is a sneak. If we tell her she can't bring something with her to school, or out of the park, or back home from grandma's, she asks us for "Private Time" or she says, "I think I hear Harrison crying. Can you check on him?" so that she can sneak the toy under her shirt, or in her pocket, or, once, in her shoe. She never once has gotten away with it (that I know of) and yet she continues to do it. I am considering saving up for bail now.


witticism here said...

I am so against TVs being in kid's rooms. But that's because I am the product of a Notvintheroom Nazi. Seriously, I had to hide the TV in my dorm room when my dad came to visit.

Renee said...

I can't fathom where I got the idea to put TVs in our bedrooms. It's not really a Me thing to do. But I was just so sick of having a TV in the living room. If it weren't for LOST, I'd probably just get rid of the damned thing altogether.

monika said...

maybe get a dvd player for the bathtub and then H will like to take baths and watch his movies. I am thinking "MTV Cribs" style bath tub with tv in there. ;)

and L,wow I think its in her blood to be sneaky. If I ever have my own business I will hire her, just gotta get her to the point where she doesnt get caught when she is being miss sneaky pants. ;)

diane said...

I ♥ kleptos. Except when they come to my house.

Luann said...

Be very careful of purses. Especially at the store.

Cassandra said...

I went through the same thing with both my girls not wanting to take a bath.

My solution was to bathe them as quick as possible for a few weeks. With Piper, it lasted well over a month and Sam just about a month.

It was weird. So, while I don't think this will actually help you, it was the first thing I thought of to write. :)

Abby said...

You don't know me (came here from the Skip-Raid blog), but my 2-year-old son went through the exact same thing. He'd stand through his entire bath, screaming and wailing, clinging to me for dear life while I tried to wash him as fast as I could. He'd been doing it since he was a baby. Finally I got the idea to let him watch me bath his older sister (five at the time) so he could note how she was not screaming. He watched a couple of times with great interest. I also had my daughter, a perfect actress, loudly exclaim how wonderful baths were, how fun it was to be able to play in the water, blah blah blah. Finally I put him in with her one day and he didn't cry. He wouldn't sit, but he didn't cry. Gradually I got him to sit down over the next couple of times, especially when he'd see his sister playing with all the awesome toys in the water. And now he's great. He hops right in, no fuss, and has a great time.