Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bachelor Recap, Part 2

Jake started Part 2 with the Creepiest Comment Ever. "I love that these girls can act like they are twelve-years-old"

Okay Jake.

Rose Ceremony Time. Ah, Michelle.... She doesn't hide anything. Including her psycho-hose-beast nature. I keep expecting her to go, "HI WAYNE" and then crash into a car on her bike.


Rozlynn got in trouble. Thought she was safe, didn't you? FOOLED YOU. Chris looked like he was going to cry when he confronted her on the "line crossing." That's dedication, Chris. You know, keeping the Ratings Face under check.

"I don't think my personal life is anyone's business," said the girl looking for a husband on a national program.

So then she packs her bags for fifteen minutes. And Chris and Jake talk to the girls, and some of them cry.

Don't worry. They talked it out. They're good now.

And Jake gave out his roses, and when he said, "I cannot afford another bad decision" the camera stopped on Michelle's portrait. Love it. She still got through to next week. Love it MORE.

(Bye Not-Blonde Ashley and Drunk-Girl Christina)


Ern said...

OMG. Elizabeth is a nutjob.. and I hate how Jake was like, "she's so intriguing." what you call intriguing, I call being a big, fat tease. I loved how she read her novelish note to him in 15 seconds-flat, as if she KNEW that camera time would be hard to comeby and she had to get it all in really, really fast.

Vienna is fuggly.

Michelle said...

gahhhh I can't believe my DVR didn't record it because it wasn't "priority"! OF COURSE it's a priority, jeez!

Sarah Beau Bera said...

I don't usually watch but the ladies in my book club do. Lucky for me that meant twenty minutes on the Lovely Bones and the rest of the night watching Bachelor highlights.

Sarah Beau Bera said...
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Sarah Beau Bera said...
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Michelle and Stephen Olson said...

it's funny, I know Michelle is crazy. Funny thing is, that my brother calls me up and tells me that I HAVE to watch the bachelor, because my twin Michelle was on their. Ok, so I could see a few resemblences, but that's about it. My brother was a little obsessant about it. I may have a feature or two like her (that's debateable) but at least we look nothing alike.