Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey What's That Noise?

No, don't you hear it?  It's like, a low thumping sound.  I swear, I hear it.  I think it might be coming from....

Oh, hahahaha, never mind.  That was just ME, patting myself on the back, heartily, because you know what, you guys?  I think I must be doing something right.  

This morning was brisker than usual.  Maybe in the high seventies.  Lennon stepped outside this morning, and almost immediately declared it to be Sweater Weather.  Truly, she has a little bit of her grandma in her (who, seriously?  Wears a sweater once it dips below 90.  Not joking).  

When I got to the drop-off gate, we passed by a little girl crying and clinging to her mom's shirt.  She was upset about being cold.  Lennon looked at me and asked what was wrong with her and I explained that she didn't bring a sweater, and so she was probably too cold to want to play.  

"But you have your sweater, don't you?" I said, without much thought, maybe just to end the conversation.  We hugged good-bye and Lennon rubbed Harrison's head, and then Lennon ran off to find a friend.  

Except that before she reached the sand, she stopped and looked around with purpose (and yes, Lennon does it with dramatics, holding a hand over her eyes and slightly crouching.  She used to watch a LOT of pirate movies, remember).  She then spotted the cold, crying, kid, and ran up to her.  I couldn't hear anything, but I didn't need to.  Lennon had removed her sweater and was offering it to the girl who was now huddling up to a teacher in a small section of sun.  I saw the girl look up at the teacher, and then seconds later Lennon was running back to me, trying to get her sweater back on without success.  

"The teacher said she didn't need my sweater," she said, while handing me the sweater and turning to offer up the first sleeve.  

So I helped her put on her sweater, and then held onto her for just another moment, and I hugged her and whispered to her that I was really, really super-extra proud of her, because of what she did.  

And all she said was, "Thanks!" before running off to play.  

Shirt off her back, you guys.  I know I do a lot of things wrong in parenting, but come on now.  So now I'm going to go ahead and turn around so you guys can take over on the patting.  

(Oh and Harrison finally said "Momma" this morning.  So if anyone if keeping tabs, that's Renee 2, CPS 0).  


Katy said...

This made me tear up. The Renee 2, CPS 0, not the sweater of your back stuff.

j/k, that's really really cute and sweet.

diane said...

Just FYI - I hear that if CPS comes to visit and doesn't leave with your kids, they will do awesome things for you like give you free babysitting and help pay for groceries. Just saying.

monika said...

"awwwww", as Lennon would say.

The Wizzle said...

So tender. I love little softy kids.

Kristin said...

Adorable, what a sweetie with a big heart!

Scarlet said...

and the first thing that comes to my mind is why did that B*tchy teacher think the cold girl didn't need her sweater? was she trying to steal Lennon's thunder? was she afraid that it would never get returned? did she think it had cooties? Cause I am thinking the icicle girl may have wanted it. But back to the point yay Renee!

witticism here said...

Isn't it reassuring to know our kids are empathetic? You know empathy is what sets normal people apart from serial killers. Good news of the day: Lennon will not be a serial killer.

Jalene said...

You make me laugh so hard. I love it.