Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transcribing instead of Parenting

After Harrison stole Lennon's water cup:

"Mom you know what? I think Harrison wants to be the king of all the water and then he will drink all the water of the Earth and then all the water will be gone and the Earth will become another kind of planet."  

I finished typing that out, and as I was inserting punctuation, Lennon continued with:

"You aren't listening?!???  Did you hear?!?!??  HARRISON IS GOING TO RUIN OUR EARTH!"  
Total destruction of our planet's most valuable resources, resulting in a vast wasteland of dry, barren, unyielding nothingness, OR having to take the cup away and hear the imminent "Uh Uh Uh WAAAAAAaaahhhhhhHHHHHH"?  

I've got a headache, so  I think I'll take my chances on the wasteland.  

Blogging saves paper, right?  That's got to even things out somehow...


Anonymous said...

Super-dee-duper cute. I hope Harrison does ruin the Earth.

Aewryq said...

I like how whatever Lennon is learning in school manifests itself in her complaints.